Matt Long And The Revenant Ones
'The Other Side'

Matt Long has carved himself a reputation as a stellar front man of multi award-winning British blues rock band Catfish. Alongside playing with Catfish, Matt is now also on the road with this new heavy rock band, Matt Long and the Revenant Ones, which allows Matt to flex his song writing muscles focussing on rockier riffs and showcasing his impeccable guitar wizardry.

Their phenomenal energy on stage, Matt's powerful song-writing, Adam Pyke's dark underbelly basslines and Kev Hickman's outrageously hypnotic drum skills make this a band which stands out from the crowd in a genre full of talent. Kev is no stranger to the world stage, having performed regularly across three continents and supported acts such as Slash, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani and The Darkness.

With their first European tour successfully completed January 2020 and a Czech tour booked for 2022, this band is already causing a buzz both in the UK and abroad.

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'So' is the opening track and was the first single released from this debut album. Who knew that when this was released pre-pandemic, that it would be a further few years before we are treated to the full album, but this July sees that happening. This is an immense track to open a debut release at over 7 minutes in length, but really is a belter of a first track. Great vocals, fantastic musicianship from all three guys and some incredible lead guitar work especially during the haunting middle section of this track, truly anthemic. Next up is the second single release called 'Have My Say', and this one is an explosive rocker from the first note. A high intensive ballbreaker of a tune that hardly pauses for breath.

'Stone Bones' is another with a kick your ass opening that is just a full on attack on the senses. A great heavy and full on number with an addictive riff throughout.

'Dark And Lonely Room' gives us a chance to draw breath with this slower paced haunting ballad with a fabulous almost spiritual opening which Matt sings with pure passion. The track opens up in the middle section with a huge and anthemic almost rock opera section through to the end.


'Take It All' brings the pace back with this foot tapping head bobbing number that has a wonderful flow leading to a huge chorus. Another wonderful track. This is followed by 'Wild Animal', which hits us like an express train with a definite G'N'R influence in the start before another great vocal performance from Matt as we are taken on a fuel injected journey.

'With My Own Eyes' is another slower track that builds and builds throughout until it reaches a huge crescendo in the chorus before bringing the pace back down. This is another huge track. Next up we have 'Feel Like A Saint', which is another head bangin' foot stomper from the off. Kev's drumming is huge throughout, and with Adam's bass and Matt's guitar and vocals, all make for an impressive and heavy masterpiece. This is the third single released from the album, and the penultimate track on it.


'Across The Borderline' brings to a close this spectacular and heavy debut from three extremely talented musicians who all fit together perfectly to bring us this impressive sound. 'Across The Borderline' is another where you can feel the passion in the vocals and the playing is faultless as we are again taken on a wonderful free flowing journey throughout from the first note to the last, with a huge solo thrown in for good measure. 


Well 'Across The Borderline' is the last track listed on the sleeve but wait, if you pre-ordered the album way back when, you may well have received another track as a thank you, a bonus track that is over 10 minutes long and is an amazingly beautiful track called 'Ethereal'. This is just an exquisite instrumental that explodes into an amazing ending before bringing us back down to earth slowly and peacefully. Not bad at all for a bonus number. 


Matt is indeed no stranger to fronting a successful band as his other band Catfish are multi award winning and Matt himself has won several awards. This however is a wonderful collection of three musicians all at the top of their game playing the style of music that Matt grew up listening to.  Together they have created a fabulous debut release, hard and heavy with amazing musicality throughout.

If in any way you enjoy your music with a heavier vibe then you really should check this album out when released later this month. TFM gives 'The Other Side' 9.5/10, a truly impressive debut release. Home | Matt Long and the Revenant Ones Rock Guitar