'Hymns From The Electric Church'

MojoThunder are a four-piece rock band from Kentucky. They blend high-energy rock with southern harmony, for an engaging sound. They're dubbed as "Southern Alternative."

Their first LP 'Hymns from the Electric Church' will be available on all streaming services May 24th 2021. It’s more than music, it’s a movement. 

Join the congregation.

Track list:- 1.'Jack's Axe', 2.'Blackbird', 3.'Rising Sun', 4.'Soul', 5.'Fill Me Up', 6.'Babylon', 7.'Untitled 69', 8. 'Bulleit', 9.'New Dawn'.


'Soul' is a slower paced number, but sung with so much passion, it is almost spiritual at times.

'Fill Me Up' is next and has a wonderful 60's vibe mixed with a huge sing a long chorus and great harmonies. 'Babylon' is a country rocker from the off, full on fast paced steamtrain of a track. This will have those feet tapping and head bobbing guaranteed.


'Jack's Axe' is the first single to be released from this debut album and is a rockin start with a wonderful flow and big sound. Great way to kick it off. This is followed by 'Blackbird', which is just another fabulous southern rock belter lost in time with a great sound.
Each track just encompasses everything good about the last 40 years of rock music and molds it all together to continually produce belting track after belting track, this one is 'Rising Sun'.

'Untitled 69' takes you on a funky bluesy musical journey, and again is just a wonderful track, before 'Bulleit' draws you in with a great guitar intro before drums and vocals come in. Another that has a fabulous 60's/70's psychedelic sound with a bit of southern punch.

'New Dawn' brings an end to this fantastic debut album and leaves us with another exceptional tune. Anthemic build up and definitely deserves to be played on the biggest stages to the biggest audiences. Fabulous vocals all backed up with great musicianship from the rest of the band. A perfect match to create these amazing sounds.

This is a wonderful debut album from another awesome southern American band. This has all the classic qualities of bands past and present, but with a mojo twist. From the full on rocking 'Jack's Axe' to the beautiful and spiritual 'Soul', to the Anthemic 'New Dawn', this has it all for my liking and as such TFM gives 'Hymns From The Electric Church' a big tasty 10/10, my type of album and one I would highly recommend you check out when released on May 24th.