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'Nothing But Wild' - Album Review 

German Hard Rockers The New Roses are back to climb the rock Olympus with their fourth studio album 'Nothing But Wild'. After successful live appearances all over the world, opening for KISS, and the invitation to tour with the legendary Scorpions in the summer, the four piece with Timmy Rough is ready to deliver the long awaited follow up to 'One For The Road' (2017), which hit the top 20 in Germany.


The New Roses are Timmy Rough (lead vocals/guitar), Norman Bites (guitar), Hardy (bass), Urban Berz (drums). 

THE NEW ROSES Album Cover Nothing But Wi

'Running Out Of Hearts' is another ballad, but this time more of a power ballad. Again it is so well constructed and executed which makes for another excellent track.


With 'Unknown Territory', the pace rises again, and again this has the stadium sound. 'As The Crow Flies' has a different sound but is really good and it builds and builds to a full on chorus.


'Give & Take' has a more bluesy rockin' tempo that will have those heads bobbing and feet tapping for sure, and this is quickly followed by 'The Only Thing', which is another power ballad, with some wonderful vocals by Timmy that just make for a wonderful and beautiful sound.


'Meet Me Half Way' has a real uplifting beat and a great bouncing sound musically and vocally, before the final new track on the album 'Glory Road', finishes off this fantastic record with a chilled out tempo that will again leave you in no doubt that you have experienced a classic rock masterclass by a band that are far ahead of anyone else playing this type of music right now anywhere in the world in my opinion.


Although this is the last of 13 new tracks, the music isn't quite over yet as we are treated to two bonus tracks. We have unplugged versions of 'Down By The River' and an older classic 'Fight You Leaving Me'. Both these tunes are excellent fully electric or just acoustically and make a wonderful addition to an already fantastic album.

Having seen these guys live, I know just how great they are as a live band, and this latest offering will only enhance their reputation as being an excellent rock & roll band. It encapsulates that live experience even though it is a studio album. Every song would fit perfectly into any stadium in the world, they have that big of a sound, and this band really do deserve that platform to show the world just how good they are.

This doesn't happen very often, but TFM gives 'Nothing But Wild' 5/5. This is a must have album if you like the classic rock sound, and will definitely be played on repeat for a very long time. Make sure to check it out when it is released on Friday August 2nd 2019.


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We begin with 'Soundtrack Of My Life', which is a rip roaring full on start that will leave you in no doubt how good these guys are. The style of music isn't unique to this band, but they just do it better than everybody else. 'Can't Stop Rock & Roll' is up next, and as you are taken on a rock & roll rollercoaster from track 1, you ain't getting off anytime soon as this tune will have you singing along in no time. This really is just good time rock & roll.


 'Down By The River' is the current single release from the album and it is getting a lot of good feedback as it should, because it is another great track that will have you joining in whether you want to or not. It has now been playlisted on Planet Rock Radio, so should further expand the band's reach and attract many new fans.


'Nothing But Wild' is the title track and is another tune that just oozes good times. This is followed by 'Heartache', where the pace drops slightly, but builds towards a strong chorus.


'The Bullet' is the first ballad on this album, and it really has a wonderful sound. Full of southern cliches but put together into another wonderful sing a long track.



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Track list:-

1. 'Soundtrack Of My Life'

2. 'Can't Stop Rock & Roll'

3. 'Down By The River'

4. 'Nothing But Wild'

5. 'Heartache'

6. 'The Bullet'

7. 'Running Out Of Hearts'

8. 'Unknown Territory'

9. 'As The Crow Flies'

10. 'Give And Take'

11. 'The Only Thing'

12. 'Meet Me Half Way'

13. 'Glory Road'

Bonus Tracks:-

14. 'Down By The River' (unplugged)

15. 'Fight You Leaving Me' (unplugged)