Nix Dadry

'Screwface' - EP Review

I am very lucky to be involved in some small way in this amazing and wonderful world of music.

I get sent ep's and albums for review on a regular basis, some I end up doing some I don't, but every now and then I get sent a release that just blows me away, and this is one of those.

Nix Dadry is a Midlands based musician who after releasing his debut solo album 'Magic Water' back at the tale end of 2018, released this five track ep in July last year.

This is an eclectic mix of influences, and to describe just a part of it to someone I guess I would say it's like Shaft meets the Happy Mondays with a bluesy rock twist.

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We start with the title track 'Screwface' which starts strong and when the beat kicks in we get a very cool vibe that will have you musically hypnotised with its seductive and sultry sound.
Next up we have 'Station Street East', which has a great start with horns and backed up by a funky funky beat. This is a real upbeat tune with a really nice mix.

'Disco Dancin Vampire', what a title. I would buy this just for that alone. This is another funky tune with a Happy Mondays vibe vocally in the verse. A really full on track that will definitely be cranked up to 11.


'Istanbul' starts with a pounding drum beat, soon joined by a wonderful guitar and bass combo that just has that pump pump pump you feel in your chest from your heart beating. We are lifted into the chorus before being treated to a wonderful solo mid track, again this will be played loud at every opportunity.

Last but not least we have 'Give Chase' which is a much slower track to end this ep. Well at least slower to start with before some strong vocals during the chorus lift the level before bringing us back down for the next verse. This is probably a very wise move to allow us the listener to come down from the full on attack of the first four tracks.


This really is a very very good ep, and definitely one you should add to your collection if you like an ecclectic mix of rock/funk/blues/grunge with strong vocals. Musically and lyrically strong.
TFM gives 'Screwface' 4.5/5, an excellent ep.