No Good Sons

'Sin Reprisal' Album Review

Release date April 17th 2020

So here is 'Sin Reprisal' the highly anticipated second full length album from UK based Southern Rock band No Good Sons following their popular 2016 debut album 'Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past'.

Three years in the making, 'Sin Reprisal' has taken the blend of classic hard rock and country of the first album and made everything bigger. Going for a more 70's rock vibe whilst retaining the first album’s southern rock and country influences. Boasting huge singalong choruses, weeping slide guitar, anthemic vocals and big thundering bottom end as well as a real sense of fun.
'Sin Reprisal' was recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by No Good Sons very own Martin Pawley at his MSP Productions Studio and Hogan Music’s Attic Studio.

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'Outlaw Smile' is a slower song with an acoustic start before an almost Latino groove strikes up and takes you on a funky journey throughout the rest of the song.

'The Rambler' is a wonderful sounding ballad that is just a no frills good song, before 'You Won't Know' brings back the thunder with a strong guitar intro before both musically and vocally the pace hurtles along. A classic rock track if ever I heard one.
'Pills And Whiskey' is a tune with a Tarantino vibe, and what I mean is I can imagine this in one of his films. That's how it sounds in my head. An addictive an memorable sounding song.


'Sin Reprisal' is the title track and they have saved it till last. This track has many levels of really good rock n roll culminating in a huge singalong chorus each time until after 5:48 we just hear the needle as it hits the end of the record and brings the album to a close.


This is the second full album by these Berkshire boys and I must say this has a really eclectic but wonderful mix of styles both musically and vocally. It is a very good release and I'm sure will tick many of your musical boxes.

TFM gives 'Sin Reprisal' 4.75/5, an excellent addition to any collection but most of all just a damn good album. Go buy it and enjoy...


We start with an 'Intro' track where you hear walking into the house past coyotes in the distance and crackin' open a cold one, before we start the music with 'Highway Robbery'. This has an old vinyl sounding start before the cracklin' stops and band crank it up. Full on heavy rock n roll with a dirty sounding guitar throughout give us a powerful way to kick off this sophomore release.

'Rollin' Around' is another in the heavier mould with another wonderful and full on sound drawing you in before you are carried on throughout with the raspy vocals and screaming guitar.

'One Last Time' is so different to what has gone before, in fact you would never have guessed that this is on the same album if you didn't know. That being said, this is a full on country song with some wonderful guitar work and vocals, and like all the best country tunes, a good story and a radio friendly vibe.

'The Devil In me' brings us back to the harder side of the band with a strong almost Hendrix and Foxy Lady sound complemented with a great vocal performance that fits this tune perfectly.


'My Demise' has a slower start before you find yourself bouncing along on the back beat of another different but great sounding track that once again seems to fit in amongst the heavier sounds.

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Track list:-

1. 'Intro'

2. 'Highway Robbery'

3. 'Rollin' Around'

4. 'One Last Time'

5. 'The Devil In Me'

6. 'My Demise'

7. 'Outlaw Smile'

8. 'The Rambler'

9. 'You Won't Know'

10. 'Pills And Whiskey'

11. 'Sin Reprisal'

No Good Sons are K.W. (Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm and acoustic guitar), Mike (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocal), Martin (Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic and Steel Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals.) and Catty (Bass Guitar.)