Friday July 23rd sees a landmark release for a movement that was started a few years ago by a few like minded people who wanted to have a place to share and enjoy their favourite new music finds and loves. The New Wave Of Classic Rock Facebook Group was formed, and within no time at all had attracted a growing following of not just fans of bands and music, but the bands and musicians themselves jumped on board. This seemed to be the perfect platform for bands to share their new music and up and coming artists to be able to share their art with a growing audience of music lovers all searching for new music to listen to and new bands to discover. This seemed to be the perfect symbiotic relationship platform for both sides of the coin.

Well, as mentioned before, July 23rd is a landmark day in the short history of this movement with the release of their first compilation album, the 'NWOCR Volume One', which sees a collection of 42 tracks from many of today's newer bands, mixed with a few more established acts, and is a great way to broaden your musical spectrum. There are of course many more bands than the 42 on this album alone that would also fall under this NWOCR umbrella. I am sure there will be further volumes to come so if your favourite new band isn't included on this release, don't despair, I am sure they will be featured in future releases.

Anyway back to this release, and as I mentioned previously, the album includes 42 of the current bands either leading the charge or just starting their journey but what it does do is give you the listener a nice and broad overview of some of the modern day bands that are out there week in week out producing kick ass music. 

This particular album features many bands that are flying high at the moment including the likes of Massive Wagons, Mason Hill, The Dust Coda, Bad Touch and Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons to name just a few. It is heavy on testosterone but there are a few female powerhouses as well including Elles Bailey, Thundermother, Haxan as well as others, so you do get a nice mix of sounds and styles that are all enveloped under the NWOCR umbrella.

If you are after a selection of modern day bands currently on the scene then this is a great place to start, and as noted before, there are many more bands that are not on this release so I feel sure there will at least be a Volume Two, fingers crossed.

We are also treated to a few new releases on this album from bands such as the Aussie rockers Massive with 'Rise', and 'Dance Around' by the Hot Damn, a band made up from members of The Amorettes, Tequila Mocking Byrd and Aaron Buchanan & the Cult Classics. Also the NWOCR anthem 'Tokyo'(2021 version), from Massive Wagons with the video featuring contributions from many of the artists on the album, kicks it all off.


As I share this, the NWOCR Facebook Group is closing in on 22k members and growing stronger everyday. Go check it out and everything else this group collective does. I would strongly recommend you getting this album either by pre-order or however you listen these days. Enjoy some modern day rockers, and listen to the next generation of new bands that will keep the rock scene alive for many years to come. You never know, you may well help get this album to chart in the official album charts which would give wonderful exposure to the bands and the whole scene.


TFM gives 'NWOCR Volume One' 11/10 because 10/10 just wouldn't do this much good music the justice it deserves....