Old Glory & The Black Riviera

Although released last September in 2018, I feel that this self titled ep release by Old Glory & The Black Riviera deserves to be reviewed and shared for all to enjoy.

This band was new to me when suggested by a musician friend to check out. I'm glad I did, and hopefully so will you be too.

I say self titled ep, but it actually has seven tracks and is just over a half hour in time so it could even be seen as an album release? Whichever way you look at it, it really is an infectious collection of music, and I will do my best and give you my opinion on each of these tracks.


'Downtown' is a different style of track to the first two, but again holds that wonderful full on tune that you cannot help but be taken along for the ride wherever the song takes you.

With the next track, 'Dollar', you could well be sat somewhere in the deep southern states of the US, it has that great southern feel with a rocky edge to it.

'Working Man' is probably my favourite track from this ep. I love the changes in tempo and feel happening constantly throughout, it keeps you interested and then throw in a guitar solo in the middle, and you are sorted. It has a similar feel to another song by a band I love called 'Don't Come Cheap' by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, same style and I really love that track too.


Old Glory & The Black Riviera - Working Man

Track list:-

1. 'Where Did I Go Wrong'

2. 'Two Hearted Woman'

3. 'Downtown'

4. 'Dollar'

5. 'Working Man'

6. 'Hold Me Down'

7. 'Up The Road'




We kick off this ep with a track called 'Where Did I Go Wrong', and with the slide guitar start and the up beat nature of this track, you cannot help but be encapsulated already by this intense start.

'Two Hearted Woman' is next up, and again slide being prominent on this track, but along with some strong vocals and great musicianship from the rest of the band, we are treated to another full on waterfall of musical fun and frolics. These first two tracks will have you in no doubt as to what this band is about.



'Hold Me Down' is definitely the heaviest track of the seven, but still maintains it's cool southern feel and has a great infectious chorus that you will be singing along with before you know it.

We end this ep with a song called 'Up The Road', and this is the most blues ridden, crossroads style of a tune and a great way to end what is a wonderful collection of music and definitely one which you should own in whatever format is available.

This band have that eclectic mix of styles which work fantastically well. and really need to be shared far and wide so as many people as possible can enjoy the delights of Old Glory & The Black Riviera.

TFM gives 'Old Glory & The Black Riviera' ep 5/5, a must add to your collection.