Album Review

Piston as a band have been about for a few years now in one guise or another, but this is their debut self titled album, and I for one was really looking forward to reviewing it.


The band hail from the midlands and are a five piece rock n roll steam train with more than a tinge of southern influence. We have Rob Angelico (vocals), Jack Edwards (guitar), Luke Allatt (guitar), Brad Newlands (drums), and Stuart Egan (bass).


The album is due for release on Friday 13th September and is available to pre-order in various formats and bundles here https://www.musicglue.com/piston/


'One More Day' has a Foo Fighters feel and is another in your face track that will be earning you speeding points if you are not careful. Next up we have 'Beyond Repair' which has a slower but driven beat that keeps the intensity throughout, and this is followed by 'Leave If You Dare', which is another in a similar vein to the previous track, slower, intense, and a full on rocker.


'Blow It Away' is one of the heaviest tracks on the album, but again retains that indicative sound that we find throughout. 


The final two tracks are 'Let Us Rise' which is another builder of a track that starts off at a slower tempo, before a rise to the chorus lifts the entire track, and 'Into The Night' which is a fitting end to a fabulous album with its infectious vibe.


Although 'Into The Night' is the final original track, there are also two radio edits of 'One More Day' and 'Rainmaker', both mixed by Romesh Dodangoda, which finish off a really strong debut album.


We start with 'Dynamite', which is a full on rip roaring start and as the title suggests, it's an explosive track. This is followed by the current single 'Rainmaker', which has a real addictive riff intro and a subtle beat that rises towards a chorus that brings in that riff again. Great vocals by Rob that will have you singing along in no time.


Track 3 is 'Go Now', and is another track that builds as you race towards the chorus which will have your feet tapping and head bobbing in no time.


'Carry Us Home' starts with just an acoustic guitar and Rob's vocals. This gives us a slower ballad of a track that is just a wonderful song and is executed beautifully. Later in the track we are joined by the rest of the band, which creates a magnificent musical masterpiece and this is definitely my favourite track off the album. In my opinion it is worth buying for this song alone.


I would highly recommend you buy this album if you enjoy any of the modern rock sound on the scene at the moment. It really is a very good album and one I am sure that will sound huge when played live.

TFM gives PISTON 4.5/5.

Track list:-

1. 'Dynamite'

2. 'Rainmaker'

3. 'Go Now'

4. 'Carry Us Home'

5. 'One More Day'

6. 'Beyond Repair'

7. 'Leave If You Dare'

8. 'Blow It Away'

9. 'Let Us Rise'

10. 'Into The Night'

11. 'One More Day (remix)'

12. 'Rainmaker (remix)'


They are on tour later this year with Collateral in September, and on the Planet Rock Roadstars tour with Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones and Gorilla Riot in October.