A Passion For Portraits (that I never knew I had?)

I have always been impressed with some of the amazing studio portraits that I used to see in the magazines and online, and then there were the music related ones which included studio and non studio shots with some really interesting looking pictures. The quality of these were always amazing and far beyond what I could hope to achieve.

One such photographer whose work I really enjoy is a guy called Rob Blackham who has some amazing shots in his phenomenal portfolio. One of my favourite shots of his is one of the mighty Slash with playing card in black and white which is just a fabulous image. I got chatting to Rob one day and wanted to pick his brains about a few things. He told me he had a workshop coming up so I booked myself on that and met him along with a few others at his gallery in Guildford. Here he went through the basics of portrait photography and the use of light etc and It kind of just clicked in my head. I went away from that hour with a new found optimism for actually doing some portraiture of my own.

Doing some research both in magazines and that old faithful YouTube, I decided I would invest in a wireless strobe and trigger, a stand and a pop up backdrop and see what I could do with that. My first attempts were very hit and miss and not very professional at all as I was trying to keep things synced up and working together as well as learning all about how the lighting of a subject can drastically alter a final image with very little movement.

It was a steep learning curve and a very chaotic and frantic affair those first few shoots, but when I started viewing the results I was amazed at how great some of these shots looked and this just fuelled the fire and made me even more determined to get better and better at this and learn as much as possible.

Since those first baby steps, I have thoroughly enjoyed being on this journey of discovery with every shoot a learning curve, and each time I am becoming more and more efficient and professional (at least I like to think so), but more importantly I am enjoying this whole genre of photography immensly and cannot wait for the next one I do. I have been lucky enough already in such a short period of time to have had the pleasure of capturing some amazing people through my lens, and each and every one has been a pleasure to work with. I feel the results are getting better and better with each occasion, and cannot wait to keep re-investing into this new addiction.

I love live music photography, it is my passion, but this portrait malarkey is certainly right up there now and is equally as important in my photography journey....

Thanks again to Rob for all the encouragement and being the main reason that I am now on this epic journey, and roll on the next shoot, I can't wait.....

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