Always Carry A Card!

It was about time I got some more business cards made up so I decided on a new design and today they arrived. I think they look great and will be handing them out to anybody that will take one.....

When I am at a gig or meeting new people, I find it very useful to at least have a card with a few details on to hand over and hopefully give them the option of contacting me in the future. It's not expensive and you never know, it just might be the key that unlocks that door to that special invitation or shoot. Put it this way, I would rather have some to hand out than not, but this is just my opinion.

I know everybody now uses their phones for pretty much everything, but sometimes it's nice to have something to actually hold in your hands, a bit like getting an actual gig ticket rather than an e-ticket or a barcode on your phone.

Anyway just a quick update and I look forward to using them on Friday for the first time.....

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