Am I Too Old To Blog?

I see a lot of younger people with 'blogs' that keep their respective audiences up to date with their goings on and what's coming up, so as a more weathered and ancient human being, is it something that I can get away with doing as well?

I have been operating my Two Finger Media brand for a few years now and have had an online presence since 2017 with my website and on social media platforms. Over this time I have been fortunate enough to capture moments in time of some amazing musicians and human beings doing what they do best, performing on a stage where they feel most at home.

I have met many wonderful musicians and people related to the music industry, and I am fortunate enough to be able to call many of them friends now. The whole industry is cutthroat and never an easy ride for most, but when an artist is performing because they love what they are doing, then there is nothing better to watch.

I have been lucky enough to listen to and review hundreds of EP's, albums etc from many of the leading musicians of today, and over the years It has been a pleasure and an honour to have this sneaky peak before the release dates and to write my reviews with my opinions to post and share. 2022 sees a slight change in direction where I will no longer be doing the reviews but concentrating more on the photography side with the addition of portraits which I have been introducing into my arsenal since last year, and is something I really enjoy. This will run alongside my normal live music photography and promo shoots which are always a great challenge but very rewarding.

So to answer my own initial question of 'Am I Too Old To Blog?', well I guess we shall wait and see where this takes me over the coming weeks and months, but one thing I will try and do is keep the content current and valid and let you all know what is coming up and what I will be doing, so please stay tuned for new blog posts and hopefully you can join me on this next stage of my Two Finger Media journey...

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Below is the new video to show what Two Finger Media Photography is all about...

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