Frustration, frustration and more frustration, then boom, love that shot...

I would dearly love a space where I could use as a permanent studio for my photography, with seemless paper and permanent lighting, and plenty of space to work in. This is all a dream of course, as there is no way on earth I can afford such a space or even justify hiring one so for now I have to use what I can to replicate as best I can, in any space I get to use.

So, a while ago now I ordered a new 6m x 3m white backdrop with stand which I thought would be perfect for future projects. 6m is around 20ft which is huge, but seemed like a good idea at the time, and anyway, what could possibly go wrong?

I've been really enjoying this portrait project that I've been doing, and this was to be an extension of that really. The said item was ordered, and I was really looking forward to receiving it and trying it out. Delivery was 2-3 working days so should arrive the following Monday.

Monday came around and I had received an email notification to say that my item was out for delivery, with another email a couple of hours later saying delivered. I couln't wait to get home from work to check out this new toy/accessory.

I arrived home to a large package, but it didn't look right to what I had ordered. I opened up the package to find the backdrop enclosed, but no stand? Well that sucked.

I immediately checked my order to make sure I had ordered both parts and it turned out I had, so at least I hadn't ordered incorrectly.

The next day I found the contact information and emailed the company explaining what I had and hadn't received. I had a reply a few hours later stating that the frame was coming from a different warehouse and would arrive seperately within a few days. This wasn't ideal but ok, nothing I can do about it so I would wait a couple of days.

This is where things get annoying. After a few days I had not received anything, not even a shipping notification, so once again I contacted the company asking what was happening. I received an email the next morning stating that they will look into it and get back to me. Well this continued for the next three weeks, with every email I sent recieving the same reply, they will look into it and get back to me. I was getting pretty annoyed at this point and sent an angrily worded email requesting money back etc if not sorted immediately. As if by magic I suddenly had an email stating that I will receive a shipping notification the following day. The following day I did actually receive the notification which said I would receive my package the next working day which actually happened, and I actually received the backdrop stand.

It would be a further week until I got the chance (and the space), to set this all up and try it out. The stand went up easy, and now was time to thread the cross poles through the seem of the fabric to hang it. This is where the next issue was found.!!!

Now being so big, I hadn't unfolded the backdrop entirely out yet (in hindsight a bad move), but just enough to check that it had a seamed side to allow the pole to slide through. It had one so that was it until I unfolded totally only to find that the short side had the pole tunnel, not the long 6m side which was the whole point of getting this size in the first place. It was too late to do anything about it now as I was about to use it so we ended up clamping the fabric to the stand which worked ok to be fair, but was just another problem with the order. I must thank my son Harley who assisted in putting this backdrop up which helped immensely. This whole process had been really frustrating, but at the end of the day we still made it work and got some pretty fantastic shots.

I honestly don't think I can be bothered to try and return the backdrop now so will probably end up stitching one of the 6m sides myself or just continue to clamp it, but I've realised over the years that however annoying something gets, or whatever the obstructions are put in my way, somehow I always seem to make it through and ultimately end up with some amazing


I even had an email from the company before I had even received the stand asking for a review.... Well, I will think on that one...

Just for once, I would love an easy ride, but I guess where would the fun be in that???

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