Radio Goo Goo, Radio Ga Ga

Ever since I was a wee nipper, I have always loved listening to the radio. Right back to the good old days of Radio Luxembourg, with the likes of Mike Read, Tommy Vance and Steve Wright, through to Radio One when at that time, I actually enjoyed the music being played.

These were times long before the internet so the only real way to hear new music was either on the radio or at a show. Every Sunday we would have the top 40 countdown (again in those days there was only the one chart), and I would sit there like many others I should imagine with my finger hovering over the record button on my cheap ass cassette tape recorder to try and record the songs I wanted to save and keep. I also played that other well known game that occurred during these recording sessions and that is trying to start and stop the tape without the DJ's voice on it. Always a very challenging time, whatever age you were....

As I grew older I started going to more and more gigs and spent less time listening to the radio until I was into my 40's and I was spending a lot more time driving, and I discovered the delights of stations on the radio again such as Planet Rock, Absolute Radio and others. Radio One just wasn't the same anymore or maybe the music just didn't appeal to me like the music of my youth, but that station was no longer an option for me.

Apart from playing the music, the DJ's were considered celebrities in their own right. Throughout my youth whilst watching Top Of The Pops each week, I would see one of these voices you would hear daily on the radio, now on the tv introducing the bands and artists, and each and every one had star status (maybe a little too much star status at times).

Move on to the digital age and DAB radio and the internet and all of a sudden we have thousands of radio stations, some national, some local, and some that are the new breed with internet stations a plenty these days playing every genre of music you can wish to find. We are truly blessed with the vast choice available, and with just a little searching, can almost certainly find something to your taste.

I have enjoyed discovering new and exciting bands that otherwise I may not have discovered through this medium, and I feel that on a personal level I would love to be the person on the other end of a radio show helping more people to discover new music, just like I discovered back in the day.

So I guess this all comes down to the question of how? How do I go about getting a slot on a radio show where I can share my musical experiences and knowledge and all the new music that I am fortunate to get every day. So if anyone out there reading this either runs or knows someone who runs a radio station, and maybe, just maybe, has a slot available, please can you pass on my details on the off chance that someone may take a chance on me and allow me to deliver a kick ass radio show....

Contact me through the website or direct through Facebook or Twitter if anyone can help with this request please. And thank you in advance.... Fingers crossed that someone can make this next part of my musical journey a reality and not just a pipe dream.....

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