Wow, Just Wow!!!!

Last night in Southampton at one of my favourite venues The 1865, I got to tick another item off of my music bucket list, and that was to see The Damn Truth live.

That in itself might not sound such a difficult task, until you realise that this was the first time that these guys have toured in the UK and they are based in Canada.

Now they were over supporting King King on their UK tour, but also were able to do a few headline shows whilst over here. One of these headline shows was the last gig on this tour and one that I was really looking forward to.

Last year saw the release of their third album 'Now Or Knowhere' which was my favourite album of 2021, and for many a year to be honest. The first release 'This Is Who We Are Now' and subsequant releases have had airplay on the likes of Planet Rock and have presented this awesome band to a whole new audience this side of the pond.

Their headline set was amazing, everything I had hoped and more. These guys are just wonderful musicians and performers, and put on one helluva show for the lucky punters that were there to witness it.

It was the last night of their stay over here so nothing was left in the dressing room as they hit the stage around 9pm and literally blew the roof off as they opened with 'This Is Who We Are Now' from their latest release, before they continued with banger after banger with songs from 'Dear In The Headlights' and 'Devilish Folk' also making an appearence.

Every song was played with the utmost soul and passion that I haven't witnessed In a performance for many a year. Dave Traina on drums and PY Letellier on bass hold it all together while Tom Shemer just mesmerises you with his wonderful guitar playing all supporting the amazing voice that is Lee-la Baum. When I say amazing voice, that really is no exageration as a more soulful and powerful voice I have not heard in a long long time.

From start to finish with this performance, the band had you in the palm of their hands from the off and the crowd that were there to witness this would have all gone home buzzing without a doubt.

You could gauge how popular these guys have been on this tour by the severe lack of merchandise left at the merch table, which was nearly bare. This is great for the band, and they even had some people bring some more in their luggage for the last two shows which was also snapped up and sold.

There are some real hardcore fans of bands, and this band is no exception as there were a few people who flew in from Canada to catch the last few shows of the tour. Now that is dedication and they were all really nice and friendly and were so passionate about the band and music. It was wonderful to witness.

I have loads of pictures to sort through and edit over the next few days, and I was fortunate enough to get a few portrait shots with the guys before and after the show which I can't thank them enough for giving me their time.

They are a must see band when they return to these shores and I guarantee you, they will blow you away.......

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