Q&A with Kris Barras

TFM - Your latest album, 'The Divine And Dirty' released March 23rd, has done amazing in the charts on Amazon and iTunes, but also in the official UK charts. How excited are you at how well this new album has been received?

KB - Yeah I've been blown away by the response, it's been great!

TFM - Last year you released a live CD and DVD version of you previous release called 'A-Live & Lucky', are you planning something similar with this new record?

KB - Not specifically, no. I'm sure we will have a live album out in a couple of years time though.

TFM - You have put in the hard work for many years now, with plenty of miles under your belt, but it seems to me from the outside that the momentum has really ramped up since your performance at last years Ramblin' Man Fair on the 'Rising Stage'. Is this just a coincidence or did the wider exposure really help?

KB - Yeah Ramblin' Man Fair was the catalyst to get us to the next level for sure. I met a lot of great people that weekend that definitely helped to get the ball rolling. It was an awesome weekend.

TFM - You've recently just finished your latest headline tour promoting the new album, how was that, and did you enjoy playing in places you've not been to before?

KB - It was really good. Half of the venues on the tour were completely sold out and the rest of them weren't far away. It was great to meet so many new fans and we had some amazing shows.

TFM - Towards the end of the tour, it was announced that you would be taking over as the lead guitarist for the Supergroup, the 'Supersonic Blues Machine' and that your first show with these guys will be July 4th in London with 'Billy Gibbons' as the special guest. This must be a pinch yourself moment, and how did this come about?

KB - Yeah, I mean it's a dream come true really! They're one of my favourite current bands and their two albums are always on in our tour van. We were initially put forward as a support band for their London show. Then it was revealed that they were looking for a new front man and my name got put in to the mix. I was very fortunate to be chosen and can't wait to get out there playing with those guys.

TFM - Hopefully this will not mean the end of the 'Kris Barras Band'?

KB - Billy Gibbons isn't quitting ZZ Top....I'm not quitting KBB. The two bands will work together well.

TFM - You are currently on a run of support dates for 'Beth Hart', more of an acoustic set. That must be pretty amazing to be touring with such a renowned talent and to get to play to so many new people each night? How different for you is the acoustic set, and do you enjoy it just as much?

KB - Yeah the tour has been amazing. Beth and her team are literally the nicest people in the world. They really are. I've enjoyed doing the acoustic stuff. It has been a different challenge for me and it has been really well received so far.

TFM - Festival season is fast approaching, what have you got planned this year?

KB - We are back at Ramblin' Man Fair. This time we are promoted to the outdoor Blues Stage. Plus we have a bunch of other festivals in the UK and Europe.

TFM - You are a very driven and dedicated musician, not only that but you also run two gyms down in the South West, how do you find time to do this, and is that a nice release from the pressures of the music industry?

KB - Well I don't find time any more! I have recently stepped down from my gym duties as I'm just too busy with the music stuff. It's been incredibly hard to juggle the two for the past couple of years. I'll still teach a couple of classes when I'm not away touring. The gym has been a huge part of my life and was not just a job; it's where all my friends hang out.

TFM - Is there still that dream spot where you would want and dream of playing in, whether with a particular artist, or in a venue that you've dreamt about playing all your life?

KB - Not really. I never thought I would get this far and be able to play the places I am now, to be honest. I'm just grateful for the opportunities that keep arising and I'm just taking it one step at a time.

TFM - Where would you like the 'Kris Barras Band' to tour in the world, that maybe you've never been to before?

KB - The States would be great. I have toured there a couple of times before, with a different band. If I had to choose somewhere that I haven't been, I would say Australia.

TFM - What can we expect for the rest of 2018, and what are your plans for 2019, more of the same?

KB - Lot's more touring, I just want to keep playing shows. I'm always writing new songs and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the next album, next year!

Thank you to Kris Barras for taking the time to answer a few questions for us at Two Finger Media

Please take the time to check out his latest release and any other information at the following link  http://www.krisbarrasband.com/