Ragged Union

Lay My Ghost To Rest - EP Review

From the band's bio:- Ragged Union get to the heart of alternative country music and deliver it with passion, swagger and the power to drive their catchy choruses home. They’ve carved a road of their own on the live circuit playing every bar, every club and every festival they can. Their Tom Petty/Blackberry Smoke/Georgia Satellites influences are worn on their embroidered sleeves but they add their own stamp to this heady mix and have created the Ragged Union sound … raw and powerful, sweet and melodic all at once. 

The EP starts with a track called 'Lay To Rest', it has almost a Stone's feel to the intro before there is no doubt you are in Southern Rock territory with a wonderfully progressive chorus and guitar solos.



'Here For You' has a much more mellow start with a Tom Petty feel and a Travelling Wilburys guitar sound, before the whole musicality changes for the next song, 'Days Like These', which has a wonderful harmonica intro before we have a bit of Southern style rappin' ala Kid Rock with some great sounding vocals to complement it all.

'Writing's On The Wall' has a beautiful slide start before the band come in and the track takes shape with some big guitar riffs with vocals to match.


We finish with 'Another Lover' which is a beautiful ballad and wouldn't be out of place being played on any of the major radio stations. It really does have that wonderful vibe and sound that just screams hit.

Even though this EP ends with a ballad, it enhances the whole experience rather than detracts from it, and I would highly recommend 'Lay My Ghost To Rest' for any fans of country rock/southern rock or anyone that just wants a very good five track EP that covers all the bases.

Although I have given comparisons to the likes of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Kid Rock, It is all meant as a compliment and under no circumstances am I saying that this band are just a clone of the aforementioned artists, they very much have their own style and definitely put a stamp on each and every track.

TFM gives 'Lay My Ghost To Rest' 4/5


Promo video for 'Lay My Ghost To Rest' EP

Track List:- 

1. 'Lay To Rest'

2. 'Here For You'

3. 'Days Like These'

4. 'Writing's On The Wall'

5. 'Another Lover'