'Face To Face' - Album Review

From the bands bio:- Rainbreakers create tasty and soulful melodies within a garage-rock style. Clearly having a foothold within the sounds of their own generation, they are quickly building a reputation for being one of the freshest live bands to surface from the UK.

Crafting their sound into a fusion of dynamic elements, Rainbreakers bridge the gap between blues, rock and soul. Showcasing their original material using gritty guitars and soulful vocals, their songs shift from heavy to delicate in an instant while remaining highly emotive and pulling everyone in around them.


With their highly anticipated debut album, 'Face To Face' released on August 31st 2018, having been recorded at Monochrome Productions with renowned producer, Tom Gittins (Robert Plant, Broken Witt Rebels), Rainbreakers are proving to be a relentless force, ensuring they are a name on everyone’s lips. 



'Heavy Soul' kicks off this new album with some killer licks and heavy funky guitar, a real ballbreaker to open up proceedings, then this is followed by 'Got Me Where She Wants' which keeps the upbeat vibe rolling along with its soulful bluesy beat with a jazzy touch half way through before finishing where it started.

'Ain't Nothing Going On' is full on and will have you tapping along right from the start with its funky bluesy feel.

'Lost With You' slows the pace with a real soulful mellow vibe which is probably a good thing after the intense start to this album, but is still a really good track.


Next up is the title track 'Face To Face', which keeps with the slower more sultry sound, but it always has that underlying heavier side.

'Need Your Love' is just a funky tune from start to finish and starts lifting the pace again.

'Take It Or Leave It' is a mid tempo blues rock track that just oozes pure class, while 'Lay It On Me' is another funk masterclass and will have you moving along to its addictive beat, If it doesn't I would get someone to check your pulse.

'On My Knees' has a more controlled slower tone that builds seductively before we end with 'Waiting On You/Moving On' which is just a great tune to end with as it just has that ability to relax you with its jazzy/bluesy tones and is just a beautiful track.

Heavy Soul (Official Video)


Track list:-

1. 'Heavy Soul'

2. 'Got Me Where She Wants'

3. 'Ain't Nothing Going On'

4. 'Lost With You'

5. 'Face To Face'

6. 'Need Your Love'

7. 'Take It Or Leave It'

8. 'Lay It On me'

9. 'On My Knees'

10. 'Waiting On You/Moving On'

'Face To Face' is an album that Ben, Charlie, Peter and Sam should be real proud of as they have literally put their heart and soul into what is an excellent debut album from this wonderful band.

I would highly recommend you buy this release on whatever format suits you, you will not be disappointed.

TFM gives 'Face To Face' 4.5/5