3 Track Album Teaser

Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross, better known these days as RHR, have collaborated on a new album call 'Mahogany Drift' due for release November 1st 2018.

They release a 3 track album teaser EP to radio on September 3rd and I've been fortunate enough to have a listen.

Each of the 3 tracks were written by each member of the group. We have 'Ghost Hound Rider' written by Mike Ross, 'Judgement Day' written by Troy Redfern and 'Rapture' written by Jack J Hutchinson


'Ghost Hound Rider' is a great track and as Mike says 'I was thinking about magic buses, about Robert Johnson’s body being buried out by Highway 61 so his spirit could grab a Greyhound and ride'.  It has a wonderful southern feel with slide that The Allman Brothers would be proud of.

'Judgement Day' is Troy Redfern's input for this album teaser EP. It starts with a drumming intro before we get an almost Indian sitar type groove going. It is a burner of a track, always building and building.


'Rapture' is written by Jack J Hutchinson, and from start to finish is just a rock n roll belter of a tune. Jack himself says describing this track, 'Imagine the Black Crowes having a smoke with T-Rex and the Beatles'.

If these three songs are anything to go by then the full album is gonna be killer. Can't wait to start hearing them played on the radio from September 3rd.

RHR are on tour in October and you can even pick up an early copy of the new album before general release, at one of their shows. You can check the locations and dates on the poster on the right.