Album Review

Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross, better known these days as RHR, have collaborated on a new album called 'Mahogany Drift' due for release November 2nd 2018.

I recently reviewed 3 tracks that were released to radio, but now I have the great pleasure of being able to review the entire album.

The album consists of 11 tracks with three apiece written by Redfern, Hutchinson and Ross, and the other two being a joint effort between all three.


'Mahogany Drift' Album Teaser

 'Home On Judgement Day' is another one of the three tracks released to radio, and is written by Troy Redfern. It starts with a drum roll followed by what can only be described as Sitar music before the husky tones of Redfern drive this track forward.


Next up is the first of two songs on the album written by all three, it's called 'Mahogany' and is a cool and funky sounding instrumental with some great guitar work.


'Ghost Hound Rider' - is another track written by Mike Ross, and is the third of the songs released to radio alongside 'Rapture' and 'Home On Judgement Day'. It is just another great song with an addictive beat and has great guitar work throughout.


Another Troy Redfern track next with 'Satisfied'. It has an unusual off beat arrangement but works wonderfully with its bluesy back drop.

Next is possibly my favourite track on the entire album, it's called 'Solemn Song' and is just a great tune written by Jack J. Hutchinson. Amazing from start to finish and you can feel the emotion running throughout, just magical.



First up is 'She Painted The Moon', a song penned by Mike Ross.  It is a powerful start with strong guitar riffs followed by a 70's rock vibe with a chorus that screams 60's. A really strong opening track.

'Rapture', from start to finish, is just a great rock n roll song with a lively chorus that will have you singing along in no time, and an infectious beat that you cannot help but get carried along with. This is a Jack J. Hutchinson number and one of the three tracks released to radio.



This album is a phenomenal work by three very accomplished musicians in their own right that have come together and produced possibly one of the best albums of the year, but that's just my opinion. I urge you to either pre-order or get this on release day and judge for yourself, I am very confident you will find this to be a wonderful addition to your collection.


TFM gives 'Mahogany Drift' 5/5



'Drift' is the second written by all three and is the second instrumental part to track 4, 'Mahogany'. You can see where this went.

'Holler' is another Hutchinson track and has a wonderful feel good vibe from the off with a great sounding chorus.

Penultimate song is 'Leviathan', and is the third track by Mike Ross on the album. It has a very addictive beat and some fantastic slide guitar throughout. A real sitting on the porch jam somewhere in the deep south.

We finish with the third track by Troy Redfern and it's called 'Miles Away'. It has a Tom Petty feel and is just a wonderful way to finish off what is an exceptional debut album from RHR.

The album has a release date of November 2nd but pre-orders will be available from October 6th. Keep an eye on social media for updates. 



Track list:-

1. 'She Painted The Moon'

2. 'Rapture'

3. 'Judgement Day'

4. 'Mahogany'

5. 'Ghost Hound Rider'

6. 'Satisfied'

7. 'Solemn Song'

8. 'Drift'

9. 'Holler'

10. 'Leviathan'

11. 'Miles Away'