Roadhouse Diet - 'Won't Bend Or Break' - Album Review

Extract from the band's Bio - Based in Nyhammar, Sweden, Roadhouse Diet evoke a revitalized groove spanning from Muddy Waters to early ZZ Top via Johnny Winter to Led Zeppelin.

'Powerload' certainly lays the foundation for the album with a riffy intro before we are hit with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along.

'Devilmaker' is another guitar driven intro track before the husky lyrics come in.

'Hard times ahead', the pace slows slightly with a bluesy twist akin to ZZ Top, more of a power ballad.

'Won't bend or break' is the title track to the album and ups the pace to a rip roaring soundtrack that will have your feet tapping and head bobbing.

'Women come and women go' has a wonderful keyboard intro which is a nice addition before the riffs hit.

'Gotta pay the cost to be the boss' is again guitar driven but not overpowering. Nice change of beat within the song that again will have that air guitar flying after a few listens for sure. Again a touch of ZZ Top to the sound.

'Over the top, then down and out' has a gentle pace with a slower intro before a real blues ballbreaker of a track takes hold.

'Damn what a ma'am' there are no holds barred on this next track, relentless pace, a real driving tune.

'Magnetized' is another bluesy rock track that is just very good.

'Bogus pipeline' is the last track, and ends the album how it started with a riff driven tune and husky vocals with a very addictive beat.

Track list:

1. 'Powerload'

2. 'Devilmaker'

3. 'Hard Times Ahead'

4. 'Won't Bend Or Break'

5. 'Women Come And Women Go'

6. 'Gotta Pay The Cost To Be The Boss'

7. 'Over The Top, Then Down And Out'

8. 'Damn What A Ma'am'

9. 'Magnetized'

10. 'Bogus Pipeline'

'Powerload' - Official Video

If you like ZZ Top or Lynyrd Skynyrd you will more than likely love this album. It is raw and relentless but is a damn good listen. 

Please go and check these guys out listen to some good honest music. 7/10.