Rob Berry - Waitin On Good Luck - Album Review

After starting classical piano at the age of 7 and progressing to the guitar Rob began a career in the 80’s as a recording engineer at Bermuda Sound Studios. This led to him engineering  on  Keith Richards album 'Talk is Cheap' produced by Steve Jordan as well as getting some blues guitar education from Keith himself. In '90 Rob moved on to work in some of London's top studios, including Metropolis Studios and Swanyard Studios, from there he worked alongside some of the best artists, producers and engineers in London, including, Gary Langan (Queen, Yes),  Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Arctic Monkeys), Manu Dibango, Bernie Sumner(New Order), Johnny Marr (Smiths) and Andy Farris ( INXS) just to name a few.

With all the experience and knowledge gained from the above paragraph, Rob is most likely to be seen these days somewhere around the South of England playing in a town centre with his partner in crime, Jeremy (Jeremy is in need of a good feed, and can be seen sat at the drums on the album cover). Rob is one of the most amazing and inventive musicians that I have ever met and the wonderful tones from his various instruments can be heard wafting down a high street or two most days.

Rob has released nine albums to date and his latest is great. It is called 'Waitin On Good Luck' and is full of great music, be it a Rob Berry original or a cover which Rob has made his own, either way you are treated with great musicianship from start to finish.

The album kicks off with a real great sounding rockin' track called 'Hey Bad Luck' which will have your foot tapping straight away. This is followed by a great cover of a Sonny Boy Williamson song called 'Help Me', before we are treated to another original, this time a slower and sultry beat for a track called 'Freedom'.

Next up is another original song called 'Another Day' which has Rob playing slide wonderfully throughout before we are treated to another cover, this time by the wonderful Stevie Ray Vaughan and 'Pride & Joy'.

'Damnation' is a full on Blues/Rock track before we are treated to two Bob Dylan classics with 'Like A Rolling Stone' and 'All Along The Watchtower'.

Last two songs on the album are a Led Zeppelin cover of 'Rock And Roll' followed by another original song which is a slower Blues number to round off the album.

There is a really nice mix of original and cover versions on this album, with each of the cover versions being done as only Rob can do, so in fact making them more Rob than cover.

It is a great album to just put on and enjoy whether driving or just chilling at home, either way you will enjoy this without a doubt.

You can check out and purchase all of Rob's music at his website

Rob Berry & Jeremy - Gimme All Your Lovin'

Track listing:-

1. 'Hey Bad Luck'

2. 'Help Me'

3. 'Freedom'

4. 'Another Day'

5. 'Pride & Joy'

6. 'Damnation'

7. 'Like A Rolling Stone'

8. 'All Along The Watchtower'

9. 'Rock And Roll'

10. 'When I Think Of You'

Two Finger Media gives 'Waitin On Good Luck' 4/5