Robert Jon & The Wreck

'Last Light On The Highway'

Album Review

Robert Jon & The Wreck are back and ready to tear up Europe all over again with their new record (metaphorically under the current climate), 'Last Light on the Highway'.

The impressive new album, recorded all across the United States and Australia, and self produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck, will be released on Friday 8th May 2020. The first single from the album 'Oh Miss Carolina' was released on Friday 27th March and was accompanied by a music video.


Robert Jon & The Wreck is comprised of Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals and guitar), Andrew Espantman (drums and background vocals), Steve Maggiora (keyboards and background vocals), Henry James (lead guitar and background vocals), and Warren Murrel (bass).

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'Gold' is a ballad which has a wonderful vocal display throughout this beautiful and heartfelt tune, before we have the last two tracks.

'Last Light On The Highway PT1' as the name suggests, is part one of two that encapsulates the title track to end this latest release, with part 1 laying the foundation for part 2 to come along and raise the bar to an almost symphonic arena, before again the river takes a different turn and we are back in the 70's listening to a Pink Floyd masterclass.

If this is your first experience of Robert Jon & The Wreck, then I am sure that you will be eagerly searching through their vast back catalogue of music, but If you are already a fan then this latest release will be a pleasure on your senses. It is a wonderful expanse of southern music in all its guises, from southern rock to country to blues and everything in between.

TFM gives 'Last Light On The Highway' 5/5, a truly wonderful collection perfectly timed for the summer, and a shining light during these dark days....


Track list:-

1. 'Oh Miss Carolina'

2. 'Work It Out'

3. 'Can’t Stand It'

4. 'Tired Of Drinking Alone'

5. 'Do You Remember'

6. 'This Time Around'

7. 'Don’t Let Me Go'

8. 'One Last Time'

9. 'Gold'
10. 'Last Light On The Highway Pt. 1'

11. 'Last Light On The Highway Pt. 2'

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'Oh Miss Carolina' is the first single to be released from this latest album, and is an absolutely wonderful way to start this latest musical journey. It has everything, and is just a great chill out summer tune.

'Work It Out' is a soulful and bluesy assault on your senses before 'Can't Stand It' raises the tempo and has an uplifting chorus that you will be singing along with, driving down the road with your window down (current climate permitting of course).


'Tired Of Drinking Alone' is a country/southern tune that reminds me of A Thousand Horses in every way, musically and lyrically and even vocally. Next up is 'Do You Remember' which starts off like an Allman Brothers tune with the guitar intro before we are lifted into a wonderful song remembering all the good things from times gone by when you had no cares in the world and were just living free.


'This Time Around' is a more mid tempo southern tune which rises and falls beautifully both musically and vocally. Again story telling plays a big part in the construction of this track.

'Don't Let Me Go' has a wonderful slide guitar intro before we are given a full on driving tune that is just perfect to turn up to 11 and just lose yourself in the music. A real rocker of a tune, before 'One Last Time', which is a wonderful track that builds at a perfect pace into an invigorating chorus before coming back down for the verse.