'Hard Time' Single Review

Ryder is a hard rock band hailing from Queens, NY. Formed in 2016, the band features different talents united in their passion to throw down in the classic style for a modern crowd.

Lead singer and guitarist James Ryder embodies the pounding spirit of true rock, Tim Freyr’s resounding bass compels its own attention from audiences, Billy Smith fuses precision with rebellion on drums, and guitarist Andrew Bloch weaves the musical threads that unite the band into a single force.

The single 'Hard Time' is the first to be released from the upcoming debut album 'Killer Karma' due for release this August by US rockers Ryder.
It is a full on heavy rock n roll beast from the first chord right through to the last with some great full on head bobbing music with a killer underlying bass line and gritty lyrics.

With this release you also get an added bonus of an acoustic version of 'Crash And Burn' another track from the upcoming album. This is a welcome addition and is really well done and again will have those feet tapping along.


Ryder are another new band for me, but if you like your music on the heavier side then you should definitely check these guys out.


TFM gives 'Hard Time' single 4/5, a good no frills rock n roll blaster of a track.


Hard Time Single Cover.jpg