Ryders Creed

Lost Souls - Album Review

Release date - May 8th 2020

Excerpt from bio:- Who are Ryders Creed? Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, Ryders Creed have continued to build their impressive nationwide fanbase performing at flagship festivals around the UK including Steelhouse, Planet Rock’s Winters End, Hard Rock Hell and Ramblin Man Fair. 2019 saw the quartet claim the coveted title of Hard Rock Hell “Young Blood” Award-winners, as well as make their debut TV appearance where they performed on BBC Two’s Dragons Den.

Since winning the flagship HRH Highway to Hell competition in 2017, beating out thousands of bands in the process, hard rockers Ryders Creed have continued to build their already impressive nationwide fanbase.
The Midlanders’ self-titled album from the following year was widely acclaimed by critics and fans alike, so the 4-piece’s follow up 'Lost Souls' is expected to make huge waves in the NWOCR scene especially.


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'Chasing Dreams' is another upbeat track, and I get a Rival Sons vibe throughout both musically and vocally.

'Cut Me Down' has a full on start that leads you into a fabulous sounding number with a very thought provoking message, before 'Hand In Hand With The Devil' changes the pace to a more grungy heavier sound, full of riffs and hooks.

Last but not least we have 'Money', which is the latest release from the album and is a heavy and explosive way to cap off this great new release from the band. I will leave Ryan to explain about this track. "Plutomania: an unhealthy obsession with wealth and/or Money. It turns the best of us into monsters and the worst of us into... well... Everybody wants it and when they've got it they want more of it. We spend our entire lives working for it. Some people are born with, some people achieve it and some have money thrust upon them. This is a song about money in a way that emphasises the obsession the human race has for it. We kill for it. We die for it. We f*ck for it."

'Lost Souls' has an abundance of awesome tracks, dealing with many of the world's problems whilst creating a fantastic rock n roll album for our listening pleasure. Full of heavy riffs, intricate guitar work, fantastic rhythm section all capped off with Ryan's wonderful vocals.

TFM gives 'Lost Souls' 4.5/5, an excellent release from a very good band, and definitely one to catch live once the restrictions are lifted. Highly recommend you get this on release day and enjoy.

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We start this new album with a track called 'Memories'. It builds from a quiet start into a beast of a song. Strong verses leading to a powerful chorus. A very good way to start. Next up is 'Unleashed'. This has a heavy start before we are catapulted through this number at full pace.
The title track 'Lost Soul' is next, and this has a great beat that will have your head bobbing before the calm of the verse kicks in and takes you along nicely to a crescendo of noise in the chorus, then back down again for the next verse. Lots of rises and falls throughout before we are treated to 'New Beginnings', which has a much slower paced start, with some beautiful guitar work in this cool instrumental segue.

'Believer' has a haunting start, before Ryan comes in and we are treated to a power ballad that erupts musically towards the end with some chanting, or at least that's what it sounded like to me. 'Feel The Fear' lifts the pace back up with a great vocal performance and an uplifting musical extravaganza that is just a wonderful track.