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'Never Say Never' Album Review

“Over the last 18 months, I have travelled from a loft apartment in New York, to a finca in Spain, lived over a bakery in Bath, on to a factory in Germany, stayed for a while at a sheep farm in Wales, stopped off at a holiday chalet in Skegness, UK, then to a gîte in France and finally to a barn in Norfolk, England. In each place I have set down my suitcase, full of half-written songs, met up with amazing musicians, writers and producers and finished my second album.


“It has been a long, hard journey, full of trials and tribulations, full of tears, full of joy, full of laughter, full of friendship, but most of all, totally worthwhile. I hope you agree.” – Sari Schorr



Photo by Rob Blackham

We start this sophomore album with a track called 'King of Rock and Roll' which gives us a real simmering start before the wonderful vocals kick in and up the whole tune, a great way to kick off the album especially with the subtle keys every so often.


Next up is 'Thank You' which starts with a Wah Wah intro before it turns into a powerful sounding track that takes no prisoners.

'Ready For Love' is a slower ballad but still powerful, make no mistake, before being catapulted into 'Valentina' where the pace rises for this rock n roll express train of a track.

'The New Revolution' is a great track with a 'Honky Tonk Woman' vibe to start with before we reach a great driven track with wonderful strong vocals.

'Beautiful' is a much more refined and mellow bluesy number but still maintains the powerful vocals that fit perfectly, and as the title says, this is a 'Beautiful' song.



'Turn The Radio On' is probably the most radio friendly track on the album and is more of a power ballad that builds and builds before the chorus will have your foot tapping along before you know it.

'Maybe I'm Fooling' has a great guitar intro that takes you into a great funky and rockin' tune, definitely one to turn up to 11.

'Back To L.A.' has more of a commercial sound again, but still retains that awesome vocal tone.


Never Say Never UK Sept Tour [Official]


Photo by Rob Blackham

Track List:-

1. 'King Of Rock And Roll'

2. 'Thank You'

3. 'Ready For Love'

4. 'Valentina'

5. 'The New Revolution'

6. 'Beautiful'

7. 'Turn The Radio On'

8. 'Maybe I'm Fooling'

9. 'Back To L.A.'

10. 'Freedom'

11. 'Never Say Never'

If you like powerful female singers with a voice that can cut you in half like a knife, then this is definitely one for you.

The wonderful vocals and expert musicianship make for a fantastic album that will have you rockin' out for sure.

'Never Say Never' is released on October 5th 2018 by Manhaton Records and is one more for your collection that you can be proud to own.

TFM gives 'Never Say Never' 4.5/5





Leicester, The Musician                                                 Thursday 13 September

London, Borderline                                                        Friday 14 September

Mickelton Live                                                                  Saturday 15 September

Bilston, the Robin 2                                                        Tuesday 18 September

Bristol, The Louisiana                                                     Wednesday 19 September

Pontypridd, Muni Arts Centre                                    Friday 21 September

Derby, Flowerpot                                                            Saturday 22 September

Oxford, The Bullingdon                                                 Thursday 27 September

Poynton, Blue Funk Rhythm & Blues Club            Friday 28 September

Godalming, Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre    Saturday 29 September


The penultimate track on the album is called 'Freedom', and is a pure rock and roll song with a driving beat and a great sing-a-long chorus.

We finish with 'Never Say Never', a slow and thoughtful song with beautiful lyrics to end this really good sophomore album.

You could very easily run out of superlatives to describe what must be one of the best female voices about right now. There can be many comparisons made, but at the end of the day what you have is Sari Schorr and her amazing voice.