Sari Schorr

Live Review - Haven Club Oxford

September 27th 2018

Sari Schorr's new album, 'Never Say Never', is released on October 5th. If you have been lucky enough to catch one of her shows on this current UK tour, then you will realise that you have to buy a copy, especially if the live sets are anything to go by.

Now hailing from New York, Sari is a powerhouse of a singer, with a voice that could literally shake the very foundations of whatever building she performs in. She is not just a one man band so to speak, but she is backed by a group of musicians who's competence and musical ability make for a stunning combination and a wonderful show wherever they play.

Tonight was a small club in Oxford, run at the Bullingdon, but every so often when promoter Penny Lee puts on a show there it becomes the Haven Club, and tonight was one of those shows.

It is a small venue which holds maybe 100/150 people, but what is great about this small venue is the accessibility and friendliness of the venue and staff, also the sound is always great, so you know you will get a great show.



Tonight for all those present, there was a performance that left you in no doubt that you have witnessed an artist that has the ability and talent to go all the way to the top in the music industry, an artist with a stage presence and an ability to connect with her audience that is second to none. Add to this the amazing voice and song writing, then you have the complete package.

The evening starts with 'Welcome To The New Revolution' which is one helluva way to start a show, full on, in your face rock n roll, and one from the new album.

We are hit with a tidal wave, a wonderful mixture of tracks from her debut album 'A Force Of Nature', and tracks from the latest offering, with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure, although one of those is on the first album.


We are treated to some amazing vocal renditions of songs such as 'Thank You', 'Demolition Man', 'Valentina', 'Freedom', as well as an amazing cover of the Etta James's classic, 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You'.


Match this with the emotion and beauty of 'Never Say Never' and the wonderful cover of 'Black Betty', and you know you have just had an amazing musical masterclass.

At one point before what would be the encore, when normally a band would go off stage before returning, Sari talked about performing her cover of 'Black Betty' at Carnegie Hall in New York, and instead of walking off stage and playing that game, they stayed on stage and just continued, much to the delight of the crowd.


After tonight's performance, and the rest of the tour as well, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if before long, we don't see Sari Schorr performing at our equivalent of Carnegie Hall, the wonderful Royal Albert Hall in London. She could quite easily grace that stage and judging by the queue after the show to buy merchandise and to talk to Sari, there would be no lack of support from her fans.


I urge you, if you can to go and see this woman and her amazing band live wherever they are, and definitely buy the new album, 'Never Say Never' released October 5th, you will not regret it, it really is a superb album.


This was a five star performance by a five star musician...

Set list:- 'The New Revolution', 'Damn The Reason', 'King Of Rock And Roll', 'Thank You', 'Demolition Man', 'Ain't Got No Money', 'Ready For Love', 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You', 'Valentina', 'Never Say Never', 'Freedom'. Encore:- 'Black Betty', 'Aunt Hazel'.

Sari Schorr - The New Revolution [Official]