Skinny Knowledge
'Don't Turn Out The Lights'

Skinny Knowledge are a brand new, raucous 4-piece rock band from the South of England, founded in late 2019 by lead singer and guitarist, Andy L Smooth.


Following the departure and end of previous bands and endeavours, Andy wrote and recorded his first home demo in early September 2019, and has since gone on to write and record every part of the full length, 14 track, debut Skinny Knowledge LP.


Securing in the recent additions of accomplished musicians; Benjamin Parker (guitar), Fenge Davies (bass), and Mapex and Paiste artist, Charlie Kenny (drums), the full band was formed.

Working alongside renowned rock and metal producer Lewis Johns, at The Ranch Production House, the debut album stands up fittingly along side its major influencers. The band’s sound captures the energy of the raw and raucous, early 90’s grunge and pop-punk scenes, that has been missed in recent years, reminiscing the likes of Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana and Sum 41. With thundering drums, roaring guitars, and powerful vocals, Skinny Knowledge are ready to scream their way to setting a new bar for rock n’ roll.


'Getaway' has an aggressive sound that carries on throughout this alt rock gem, before 'Sayonara' slows the pace and delivers a rifftastic opening before another wonderful vocal performance delivers the guts of this track.

'Wheel Of Love' has a wonderful piano start leading into this beautiful ballad delivered expertly and fits perfectly in amongst all the energy and chaos.

'This Time' lifts us back up into the high tempo ball busting vibe of earlier tracks.


'Make A Change' just screams 90's alt rock, great sound and excellent vocally.


'Don't Turn Out The Lights' is the title track of this debut release from Skinny Knowledge and starts us off with a high octane high energy number that builds into a great anthemic opener for the album.

'Imagination' is next up and is another that just has a wonderful high tempo beat that just works beautifully. Energetic musically matched with great vocals.

'Alive' continues with the full on approach, not letting up one bit and bringing us that 90's Green Day vibe, before 'King Of Nothing' which is just a manic attack on the senses with an underlying metal vibe.

'Keep Me Out Of It' builds beautifully to a great chorus with excellently constructed verses binding it all together. A simple yet effective combination, executed wonderfully, followed by 'Not Coming Down', which is a foot tapping head bobbing finger clicking beast from start to finish. A 60's vibe with a modern twist.

'Take The Blame' is just a full on express train heading flat out into wherever your mind takes you. You will be left breathless after this one, and this is followed by the penultimate track 'Heavy Metal Interlude', which has a Metallica vibe with a hint of Blink 182. This is a rocker of an instrumental blast leading us into the final track which is 'Stand Alone', and finishes this debut album with a mid tempo and thoughtful track. A soul searching and poignant number that musically has a wonderful flow.


There are no filler tunes on the album, each song is nicely crafted and produced to fit within this collection of 14 tracks. An excellent debut release from this band known as Skinny Knowledge

If you like Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182 and bands of that ilk, then you will more than likely love this release. If you just like some good full on energetic music during these dark and daunting times then you also need to check these guys out and buy their debut album.

TFM gives 'Don't Turn Out The Lights' 9/10, a lively and entertaining release to get the blood moving.