Sons Of Liberty

'Aces & Eights'

The UK’s south west very own hard rockers Sons of Liberty announce their sophomore deadly hitting, bourbon smoked new album 'Aces & Eights'. "There’s something here for all rock fans" says frontman Rob Cooksley "we take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s what rock n roll is all about!"


Groove laden rockers abound include lead single 'Damaged Reputation', of which the video was shot amidst the recent Bristol Bridewell police station riots. "There we are, all dressed as convicts, shooting a video, and all hell breaks loose!" chuckles Rob. "No matter how well you live your life, in my experience there is always someone who is out to make things difficult for you, in work, family and relationships. That’s what this song is about."

Sons Cover Art.jpeg

Recorded in December 2020 at Momentum Studios with renowned UK Producer Josiah J Manning (Kris Barras Band, Moriaty, Wille and The Bandits). The result is a gritty, yet polished ride throughout. "There’s some rockers, a couple of epics, ballads, the final song selection wasn’t at all straight forward! Having Josiah involved from an early stage was a massive help, it was almost like having a new sixth member in the band!" enthuses guitarist ‘Moose’.

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'Ruby Starr' is a full on heavy rockin' opener to this sophomore album by these west country southern rockers. This is a down and dirty roadhouse belter to kick us off. Next up is 'Don't Hide Behind Your Weakness', which is a wonderfully constructed track that builds perfectly before erupting into the chorus each time and has a great rockin' beat.

'Black Blizzard' is a slower number but always with an underlying volcano looking to erupt but is being kept under wraps and just allowing enough lava to flow for this to have a real dark and moody yet volatile vibe.

'Beef Jerky Boogie' as it says on the tin is a boogie from the start and is just a fun and frantic express train of a track, before the current single release 'Damaged Reputation' hits our ears, and is a funky bluesy number with an aggressive vocal performance by Rob that fits this track perfectly.

'Texas Hill Country' bring us a southern infused groove laden track that rocks and rolls, followed by 'Fire & Gasoline', which is ACDC with southern fried attitude, excellent and a real head bobbing foot tapping number.

'Doc's Remedy' is a country rocker that again is a roadhouse special with a great groove with graveltone vocals, before the pace slows for the next track 'I Come In Peace'. A truly wonderful and haunting tune with a fabulous performance both musically and vocally.

'Dead Man's Hand' has a Texas style boogie groove laden opening before we are taken on this musical merry go round with a glorious and addictive beat throughout. 'Lights Are On' keeps us moving along nicely with another more aggressive sounding number followed by 'Whiskey Is My Vaccine', which ends this latest release with a blues driven and quite wonderful track that will slow the heart rate down after this rockin' often heavy collection of tunes and give you a chance to reflect on what you have just listened to, and who knows, even pour yourself a whiskey and just enjoy the song.

I really like this album, the production is excellent and the songs really are well put together and laid out to fit this release perfectly. TFM gives 'Aces & Eights' 9/10, a fabulous hard rockin' southern whiskey infused blend of just damn good songs. Be sure to check it out when released on June 18th.  Sons of Liberty (