The Bad Flowers 'Starting Gun'

Album Release Show Review.

There are times in your life when you follow a band closely enough to know how excited they are to finally be able to share in the release of their debut album with a SOLD OUT crowd on a Saturday night in Birmingham.

It has been well deserved, all the praise that Tom, Dale and Karl, better known as The Bad Flowers have been receiving over this release.

They have put in the miles and hours honing their skills and creating the sound that is now synonymous with this band. They have built up a loyal fan base that is growing daily, and have  been featured in national newspapers and are being played regularly on Planet Rock.

They have toured with some big names and will be regulars at a festival near you this year I'm sure. 

The wave is being ridden hard and who knows where this momentum will take these guys, but one thing is for sure, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

The evening kicked of with a new band for me, they are called These Wicked Rivers. They are a four piece band from Derby in the East Midlands and were formed in 2014. 

Their set consisted of songs from their two EP releases, 'The Enemy' and 'II', and their latest single release 'Should've Known Better'.

They took to the stage around 7:30 and rocked their way through six songs that really had the crowd pumped, just in case they needed it.

They were excellent and the crowd responded to a great opening set.

Set List:- 'Should've Known Better', 'That Girl', 'When The War Is Won', 'Testify', 'The Enemy' and 'Don't Pray For Me'.

Next up were a band who I have heard good things about from quite a few people, and as such I was looking forward to seeing them live. They are Those Damn Crows and hail from Bridgend in South Wales. They are a five piece rock band with a great sound. Their enigmatic front man, Shane Greenhall certainly knows how to command a stage and backed by a well rounded and musically adept band, really did put on a show for the 175+ crowd who lapped up the energy pouring from the stage. 

Another great set by yet another great sounding young British band.

Set List:- 'Don't Give A Damn', 'The Fighter', 'Someone Someday', 'Rock N Roll Ain't Dead', 'Fear Of The Broken', 'Devil In My Pocket', 'Blink Of An Eye', 'Breakaway' and 'One Of These Nights'.


It was finally time for The Bad Flowers to hit the stage and the main reason we were all here in The Asylum 2, to celebrate this landmark event with the band.

It was always gonna be a monumental gig for these guys, and the anticipation of something special about to happen on the stage could be felt throughout the crowd as they excitedly waited in anticipation for that first note to be hit.

Around 9:15 they took to the stage to a fantastic reception from the crowd, and it wasn't long before we were all hit by the power of this rock n roll express train that is The Bad Flowers.


We were treated to a combination of new songs from their debut album as well as earlier tracks like 'Run Run Run' from their first EP released a few years ago now. The pace was relentless, and even during the slower tracks like 'Let's Misbehave', the intensity was still there for all to see.


The main set ended with the riff laden 'Thunder Child' and the now familiar finale to a Flowers show, 'City Lights'.


We had just been treated to an hour of fantastic music from three of the nicest guys in music today, but don't be fooled by their amiable nature and humble manner, these guys rock hard, and to be honest I was surprised there was still a roof on the venue when they had finished.


The crowd wanted more, and it was all set for the band to play a well deserved encore except for one issue. The sound man had disappeared and there was nothing coming from the mics. Tom stood there with a puzzled look and explained the situation to the crowd who started booing the absent sound guy for stopping more fantastic music being heard.


Tom disappears from the stage with a disgruntled look on his face and with the crowd still grumbling, before returning and jumping on stage and announcing it was back on. He had obviously found the sound man and had a little word in his ear....?

The band went for the jugular with an amazing rendition of 'Living The Dream' before Dale Tonks took over vocal duties for their cover of the Black Sabbath track 'War Pigs'.


All too soon the set was done, but not before every single person in that room had well and truly had their socks rocked off by one of the best live bands around today, who would grace any stage anywhere in the world. Congratulations on a fantastic debut album and stonking performance, was it ever going to be anything else.......?


Set List:- 'Hurricane', 'Who Needs A Soul', 'Big Country', 'Lion's Blood', 'Secrets', 'Let's Misbehave', 'Run

Run Run', 'Be Your Man', 'Rich Man', 'I Don't Believe It', 'Thunder Child' and 'City Lights'. Encore:- 'Living The Dream' and 'War Pigs (Sabbath Cover)'.