Tom Leighton, lead singer and guitarist, paves the way with the band's signature riffs that can be heard throughout The Bad Flowers songs, and Dale Tonks supports nicely with his wonderful bass licks and vocals. Karl Selickis is just like Animal on the drums with his pumping beats with sticks spinning and hair flying and complements the band perfectly. The three together are a powerhouse of a band with a sound to match.

After releasing a couple of EPs over the past few years, the time is right now for their debut album release. Early 2018 will see 'Starting Gun' released, which has ten new tracks and one signature song which has been a firm favourite of fans for a couple of years.


The Bad Flowers are a Midlands based Hard Rock/Blues band that have been building a loyal fan base over the last few years with their infectious sound.

For a three piece they are loud, and I mean loud, they can easily loosen the fillings in your teeth if you're not careful. But don't get me wrong, it's not just noise, it's a blend of wonderful guitar riffs, and a fantastic bass and drum section that will have you hooked from the first note. Top all this off with some great lyrics and you have yourself one hell of a band who put on one hell of a show every time they take to the stage.

The Bad Flowers

'Starting Gun'

Album Review

There are definitely influences on this album from some of the band's idols, and none more so than the next track with a 'Black Sabbath' feel to the guitar riff but beautifully balanced with the rest of the song called 'Secrets.' The pace drops only slightly for this track, but fits perfectly on the album as track 3. 


The album is set out as if it were a set list and plays that way. It starts off with a song that has seen recent play on Planet Rock and is the first single release from their new album. The track is called 'Thunder Child' and really kicks off the album in a powerhouse fashion. Within this song is a line with the album title, 'Starting Gun,' which seems an apt way to kick off the album. The relentless sound doesn't stop with track 2 called 'Lions Blood.' Again there is no let up as we are taken straight into a pumping beat from start to finish.

Track 4 is 'Rich Man' and has an addictive back beat throughout the song with Tom's signature guitar solo near the end.

Track 5 sees a change of pace and sound with just Tom and an acoustic guitar. The sound is great and showcases Tom's vocals beautifully, and is reminiscent of the great story tellers from the past. The song is called 'I Hope' and is a great addition to the album.

Track 6 is another slower track but this time moves from just Tom and acoustic into full blown band but is a wonderful paced ballad.

Track 7 is titled 'Who Needs a Soul' and sees the pace rise again with a nice guitar riff intro before the drums and bass join the party and the track bounds along and will have your head bobbing in no time.

'Be Your Man' is next up and is full of the now familiar guitar riffs that are a signature sound for the band, followed by a track called 'Hurricane' which continues in the same vein and will have you singing along before you know it.

Track 10 is 'I Don't Believe It' and kicks off with Dale's bass setting the tone for the song.

The final track on the album is 'City Lights,' a firm fans favourite and pretty much always closes the band's set when played live, so only seems right to have it as the last track on their debut album.

All in all this is a very good debut album from a band definitely on the up in the music world. It is full of infectious riffs and sing along choruses that will have you joining in wherever you listen. There are tracks that are a risk for the band but work beautifully and fit right in with the flow of the album.

2018 looks to be an even bigger year for the band, with the album release on February 16th and a full on Planet Rock tour with Stone Broken and Jared James Nichols starting in February and running throughout March, as well as festival appearances starting with 'Winter's End' in February. Also there are pre order packages available from the band's website for the new album with various different bundles available.

Track Listing

1. 'Thunder Child'

2. 'Lions Blood'

3. 'Secrets'

4. 'Rich Man'

5. 'I Hope'

6. 'Let's Misbehave'

7. 'Who Needs a Soul'

8. 'Be Your Man'

9. 'Hurricane'

10. 'I Don't Believe It'

11. 'City Lights'