Tank Trap

'Scavengers' Album Review

Now this is a very unusual review for me to do, in respect that this album has never been released, and is in fact a kind of secret mystery album. It was due for release originally in 2015 but circumstances at the time prevented this from happening.

The band are no longer together but I have been lucky enough to listen to this hidden gem in its entirety as two of the original members of Tank Trap are now in a band called Gallows Circus, Ian Day and Ben Attwood, and allowed me access to post this review.

I will review it as I would any other album and we'll see where we end up.

TT2 (2).jpg

'Burn' is another full on track with some wonderful guitar work to complement the vocals before 'Against The Grain' brings us a funky guitar opening that continues throughout with another strong display from Ian vocally that works perfectly with the band. We have a wonderful bluesy intermission about half way through that is just exquisite and takes us through to the end of the track.

'Road From Yesterday' has a much more acoustic and subtle opening with a great feel and sound that is in no way a lesser track at all. It really is a beautifully presented song that is sung and played with feeling and has a wonderful vocal back up by Sky Hunter from Stonewire who complements Ian's lead vocals perfectly.

'Cold Heart' is the last track printed on the back of the cd and brings back the thunder after the previous track and takes you on a wonderful musical journey, but if you let this track run you will be treated to a hidden track called 'Gutterflower', which again is another beautiful acoustic track to end this fantastic collection of tunes from a great bunch of musicians who are all excellent in what they give to this album. We are treated to wonderful vocal chemistry with Ben taking the lead with Ian on backing vocals on this fabulous bonus track.


Now whether or not this masterpiece ever gets released to the public is way beyond my control, but if it was up to me this would be out there for all to enjoy as this really is such a fabulous album. If it never gets released in any format then I feel pleased and honoured to have had the pleasure of listening to it.

We start this album with a track called 'Safety Net', and it is a funky cool start with a hyptnotic sounding beat with some wonderful vocals backed by a very good band. 'No Shelter' follows next and lifts the pace with a guitar driven beast that will have that heart pumping and feet tapping in an instant.

'Control' is another more controlled and funky tune that would not be out of place if Rival Sons did it. Great track both vocally and musically, before 'Hold Fire' gives us a wonderful slide opening with a soulful and bluesy vocal display from Ian that just allows this to flow effortlessly without losing focus on another fabulous track. 'Same Mistake' is another one of those tracks that has those feet tapping and head bobbing right from the first note that is struck and has a great sing a long chorus to boot.


TT2 (1).jpg

TFM gives 'Scavengers' a full fat 5/5, a truly wonderful album that deserves to be heard by all in my humble opinion.