Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

'PRESSURE' - Livestream


October 16th saw the release of the new album from Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown called 'PRESSURE', and to celebrate this release they put on a special ticket only livestream event that was to be shown on the same day at 12PM Pacific / 2PM Central / 8PM UK BST and again at 5PM Pacific / 7PM Central so fans all over the world would be able to watch a showing. It would also be available for 48 hours after the second showing to watch again. This also demonstrates what a global fanbase these guys have, and after touring the globe supporting some of the biggest acts in musical history, I for one am not surprised.

Social media was lighting up with the anticipation of this event airing, with fans unable to hide their excitement with the time getting nearer. Via the link to view the show, you could also comment and chat whilst watching the stream and it was rumoured that the band may well also participate in this. A 10 minute countdown began on the screen to get people even more excited.

The countdown ends and some grainy live footage is shown on the screen before we get a lyric style video for the start of the Contours classic 'Do You Love Me', and stops after "now I'm back to let you know I can really shake em' down", followed by another 5 second countdown before we are eased into the first track which is the title track of the new album, 'Pressure'. This is a full on energetic start and the first chance we get to witness the bands' new bass player, Ryan Fitzgerald. Noah who has played bass for the Shakedown as long as I have known them, decided to pursue a different musical path and chase his own dreams so Ryan is the new guy. We find out a bit more about him later on in the stream, and he does seem a very good fit if this first showing is anything to go by.


Next up we go into a track from the 'Truth And Lies' album with 'Eye To Eye' which flows seamlessly on from the first song. 

After a frenetic opening few numbers, we are taken to a segue with the guys chatting and a bit of behind the scenes footage. This will become a nice and informative look into the recording process as well as reasons for certain songs etc. A rare and unseen collection of footage that will excite any Shakedown fan.


Next up are two tracks from the new release, 'Hitchhiker' and 'Automatic' with a little segue in between before we get the rundown for 'Crazy Days' from Tyler before an upbeat performance of a song fitting for these current times we are all living in.

Next segue we are introduced to Ryan who tells us about his love for the Shakedown and what a huge Kiss fan he is, and then Tyler tells us a bit about his memories of Ryan as a young fan.

Back to the music and another from the 'Truth And Lies' album, a fast paced and rockin' 'Drive Me Mad'.

No rest before we go straight in to another from the 'Truth And Lies' album with 'On To The Next'.

Another segue before the pace drops for a slower ballad called 'Like The Old Me', with Caleb playing keys. A haunting and beautiful rendition amongst all the fast paced and intense tunes played already. 

Another segue with some fun behind the scenes footage, before we are treated to 'Backbone', which is a sultry dirty sounding rocker.


Another segue tells us about a little blues jamming that became a Texas blues beast which is the final song on the new album called 'Coastin'. This is followed by another segue talking about the next track 'Holdin' My Breath' which is a funky guitar driven monster.

Another fun segue before the next song from this performance which is another from the latest album called 'Fuel', and it is a belter before we are hit by penultimate track 'Fever', also from 'Pressure'.

Final song on this stream is an answer to years of requests from Shakedown fans to play it, so finally here it is, 'Where I Want You', and it is an absolute killer track from 'Wild Child'.

This was a wonderful stream with some amazing performances and a great collection of new and a few older tracks for everyone's pleasure. The band is on fire and the new music sounds great. Ryan has big boots to fill after Noah, but after this performance I am in no doubt that he will fit right in and be a new cog in the Shakedown for many years to come, especially if he continues to play with a smile on his face.

If you do get a chance to watch the show then I would highly recommend it as it is really really good, and a fantastic performance by one and all. Great production, lighting, sound and performance. A real 5 star show and the new album 'Pressure' is great. Tyler, Caleb, GrahamRyan and all involved, take a bow.