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The Cadillac Three

Country Fuzz Livestream

The new Country Fuzz Fan Club for The Cadillac Three has been a great success so far, with lots of unique fan club only content including photos, videos, song demos, and all sorts of cool stuff. 

Midnight (Nashville time) on Wednesday July 22nd would see a fan club exclusive livestream gig, the first time the guys have been together in the same room since lockdown began. This was to be a proper show but with no audience. Because their fan base is spread worldwide, the live stream would be available to watch for the following 24 hours in the fan club.

Midnight came and the stream was live. The boys seemed genuinely excited to be back together to play a show. They kicked off with the fantastic 'Peace Love & Dixie' from 'Bury Me In My Boots' album, before treating us to a few from the latest 'Country Fuzz' album, with 'Blue El Camino' up first. They seemed to get into the swing of playing this type of live stream with no audience reasonably quickly, adjusting to these new surroundings very well. Certainly looks like this will become more of a normal show for the foreseeable future at least.

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Next up is 'Hard Out Here For A Country Boy' which has guest appearances by Travis Tritt and Chris Janson on the album, so Jaren did do an introduction then looked a little puzzled when they weren't there, but that was Jaren having fun as usual. 

'Whiskey and Smoke' follows and is played full on and it was great to actually hear Kelby's vocals as well. Really great set up for this stream, before 'Slow Rollin' hits our ears. 

There was a fun bit of band banter before 'All The Makin's Of A Saturday Night' before we are treated to a snippet of 'Foxy Lady' by Hendrix which leads us into 'The Jam'. Jaren talks about his son Jude and how tall he's getting whilst waiting for a guitar change ready for the next track which is 'Back Home', once again from the latest 'Country Fuzz' album.

We go old school next with a fans favourite 'Tennessee Mojo' taken from their debut self titled album, before we are treated to a little tease of 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd before we get 'Heat' including a false start while Jaren tries to remember the chord progression for the chorus. A couple of seconds later they restart and to match the temperature on stage, they play a smokin' version.

Before their final track of the evening, we have a little snip of an American Bang riff which is followed by the wonderful 'Hank & Jesus', which ends this fabulous first full band performance since their last live show which was in Amsterdam in the Netherlands before lockdown happened.

This was a long overdue watch for the majority of fans that were able to watch this, and has filled a little void until shows are back with fans allowed in. The Cadillac Three have cancelled all the remaining shows this year rather than keep guessing each month if they will go ahead or not, so hopefully we will be treated to more of the same from these three Nashville natives.

A 10/10 performance.

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