The Dust Coda

The Early Days - Raw and Unplugged

From press release:- In this almost surreal pandemic world, the band decided to brush the dust off some old recordings and release a collection of four acoustic tracks, which will give fans an intimate listening experience. This EP further unveils The Dust Coda kaleidoscopic song writing abilities. Each song has its own character, whilst remaining cohesive to an almost Southern rock warm sound. Throughout the EP mellow guitar riffs combined with the gritty vocals are the key elements setting the scene for an intense acoustic journey.

The band comments: "These recordings were made one very early morning during the writing sessions for our debut album. We had written the songs and started demoing them in between drinking sessions and strangely kind of forgot about them. The hilarious part is John can barely remember doing the vocals for them! It was only during the current lockdown, whilst we were messaging around ideas, that they kept finally coming up in conversation. We agreed that there was something special about them, the rawness and the time in which they were made resonated with the current situation in which other artists are having to create at home, as we once did, during these strange times. So we thought what the hell - why not just put them out there and give our fans something to enjoy."


'Alone With The Notes' is a wonderful and reflective opening track that just oozes heart and soul in every note and lyric sung, before 'Bourbon Pouring', which is another that has a fabulous intro that just takes you in and carries you through this excellent number.

'Love Sick' is a much more upbeat number that will have those feet tapping along, before we end with 'Sigh Inside', which is another fabulous tune from this excellent EP from a band that is well and truly out there in this whole new current rock scene.


A heavy EP this is not, but fuck me it is so good and really showcases the band with none of the bells and whistles, and proves what wonderful musicians they really are. This will be one of those special releases to come out of this lockdown that will be in your collection. Grab a beer, sit back and just relax to this blast from the past.

TFM gives 'The Early Days - Raw and Unplugged' 5/5, an excellent gem of an EP release.