Tennessee Champagne

Self Titled Album Review

Tennessee Champagne is a band from Elizabethon, TN, in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The group set out to craft an earnest and energetic sound, with a lot of character. Their musical vocabulary is extensive and diverse, borrowing from the deep tradition of great American music. From folk and blues to outlaw country and rock, anything goes!

The group’s music bridges the subtle gap between the energy of rock and the appeal of a good hook, tipping the hat off to iconic acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers, among others. Ultimately, Tennessee Champagne has a sound that perfectly reflects their moniker, smooth yet full-bodied and somewhat gritty!


'Selfish Ways' has a slower more meaningful vibe and a controlled and steady flow but again a really nice feel to the song, both musically and vocally, and this is followed by 'Singing To My Broken Heart', which is another wonderfully constructed ballad, just a fabulous tune.

Penultimate track 'Shake It', is another that has that ZZ Top vibe and foot tapping tempo and beat. A funky southern burner of a track, before we finish this debut album with a track called 'Silver Tongue', which has a rockin' bass line start, which leads us into a determined and full on song that is very anthemic in vibe and is a great way to end this album. Heavy and southern, and full of attitude.

Tennessee Champagne.jpg

'Wicked' is a fabulous southern fuelled start both musically and vocally, with some great solos. Kicking the album off in fine style before we have 'Thunder In The Mountains', which is a southern rockin' redneck romp with attitude.


'Can't Get Over You' is a beautifully styled ballad, slow and wonderful sounding that just carries you along for the ride on this sumptuous song. Great tune and some beautiful guitar work, followed by 'Mountains In My Bones' which is a more upbeat track with an Allman Brothers feel. 

'Stompin' Grounds' starts with Hammond organ before some wonderful guitar takes us all along for the ride throughout this ballad.


This is an excellent debut album by Tennessee Champagne and really showcases their range of musical styles from full on southern rock to beautiful country ballads, and everything in between. Released on August 1st, this is sure to give the band a firm foothold in a very crowded arena of music in a similar style to theirs.

TFM gives the self titled debut album by Tennessee Champagne a big fat 4.5/5

If you like your rock with a southern flavour and a hint of attitude then this is the album for you. Check it out now and enjoy...