The Allman Betts Band

'Down To The River' Album Review

After a successful year touring as The Devon Allman Project with special guest Duane Betts, the sons of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts are joining forces to form The Allman Betts Band. The new ABB includes Devon Allman, Duane Betts, Berry Oakley Jr. (son of original Allman Brothers Band bassist Berry Oakley), Johnny Stachela (slide guitar) and Devon Allman Project percussionists R. Scott Bryan (Sheryl Crow) and John Lum.

This debut album from Devon Allman and Duane Betts will leave you in no doubt as to where their heritage lies. Full of distinctive guitar sound and even a nine minute jam that just screams Allman Brothers.


We end this debut album with a song called 'Long Gone', and this is another that starts slow with just vocals and keys before the rest of the band join in which lifts the whole dynamic of the song. A great way to end a really wonderful album.


There is definitely an Allman Brothers style and sound to a few of these songs, but in no way is it a rip off, more of a modern take on a classic sound, and they really do it very well indeed. They have a couple of UK dates on their European tour this summer. One is at the fantastic Ramblin Man Fair in Kent later this month, they then play at the iconic Shepherds Bush Empire in London at the start of August.


TFM gives 'Down To The River' a strong 4/5, the classic southern rock sound is alive and well and in good hands moving forward.


We kick this debut album off with a song called 'All Night'. This has a great southern feel, and is a strong start indeed. This is followed by 'Shining', and if you were ever in doubt that the Allman brothers influence would not be on this album, then this track will change that for sure. Allman brothers through and through.


'Try' is another wonderful tune that builds and just has a really cool vibe. Definitely a chill out summer tune. 'Down To The River', the title track is up next, and this has a sultry bluesy beat that just oozes class. Just another wonderful tune.


'Autumn Breeze'  is another track that has that Allman Brothers sound, but done in their own style. This track is nearly 9 minutes long so really does take you back.


'Good Ol' Days' is just a good old ballad with a beat and has a really nice soulful sound. 'Melodies Are Memories' has that distinctive guitar sound again which takes on a joyful southern journey, lyrically and musically.


'Southern Accents' is a cover of the Tom Petty classic. The pace slows right down for this beautiful ballad with just vocals and piano tinged with some subtle steel playing.


Track list:-

1. 'All Night' 

2. 'Shinin’

3. 'Try'

4. 'Down To The River' 

5. 'Autumn Breeze' 

6. 'Good Ol’ Days' 

7. 'Melodies Are Memories' 

8. 'Southern Accents' 

9. 'Long Gone'