The Blood Republic


After supporting Iron Maiden, touring Europe, and selling out venues across the UK with his previous band Wild Lies, Zak Müller begins a fresh venture with his new band The Blood Republic.

Offering a bold re-imagining of the grunge genre, The Blood Republic was launched in September 2018 with debut single 'Ditch' which generated the band over 11,000 followers over their social media platforms in just two months.


Since then, the band has been relentlessly releasing great music which has been pulling them in a loyal fanbase of daily listeners along with features on Planet Rock, Total Rock, Maximum Volume, Rock 'N' Load Mag, Indie Buddie, Vents Magazine and many other influential blogs, magazines and radio stations.

The Blood Republic Photo 3.jpg

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music producer Zak Müller is the front-man and mastermind behind the project. Everything from the music down to the artwork and videos is visualised and created by Zak, making The Blood Republic an advanced artistic endeavour unparalleled by any other rock artist on the scene right now.

'Unbound' is the first single to be released from their 2nd studio album that was written and recorded during the pandemic.


'Unbound' will be available on March 19th On Spotify with the accompanying music video coming on March 26th. 

This is such a good track and has a very anthemic feel. I really enjoyed 'Mr Lucifer' a previous release but I think this is even better. The video alone is a work of genius from one man's mind. That is something to look forward to on March 26th for sure.

TFM gives 'Unbound' by The Blood Republic a big fat 9/10, definitely one to look forward to this Friday.