The Cadillac Three

'Country Fuzz' Album Review

Nashville born and raised, a proud statement by these three musicians that form The Cadillac Three.

Full of musical influences from the day that they were born, their prolific touring and writing is now starting to pay off with the band's fourth studio album due for release February 7th 2020.

It has been a couple of years since 'Legacy' was released, and the hardcore fans have been crying out for new music which is now finally coming in a few weeks time in the form of 'Country Fuzz'.

Jaren, Neil and Kelby return with a massive sixteen tracks that will leave you in no doubt that The Cadillac Three are well and truly back and on the road to stardom if there is any justice in this world.


'Raise Hell' has an old school TC3 start, similar to an old walk on tune before we are treated to a wonderful eclectic mix of styles and some wonderful Kelby Ray lapsteel.

'Back Home' is more of a ballad with a real nostalgic feel. An addictive tune with a chorus that you will definitely be trying to join in with, before 'Dirt Road Nights' which has a laid back modern country vibe that would suit any radio station. Storytelling at its finest.


'Blue El Camino' has a pumping start before we are taken along with a plethora of lyrics expertly executed by Jaren only the way that he can. This is followed up by a track called 'Jack Daniels' Heart', and as you would expect is a drink inspired song with a wonderful and upbeat chorus that again will be a crowd favourite to sing along to the band.

'Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That' is a modern country classic, again a track that wouldn't be out of place on any country radio station. A really radio friendly track that still has a definite TC3 edge. 'Heat' is up next and is slowed down sultry and suggestive, a real burner.

'Whiskey And Smoke' is a track that has been played live over the past couple of years in a slightly different mix, but this still maintains the wonderful and boisterous chorus that will be very loud in between some really hop along verses. Both band and audience will no doubt be doubling up on the chorus.





Track list:- 1.'Bar Round Here', 2.'The Jam', 3.'Hard Out Here For A Country Boy (ft. Chris Janson and Travis Tritt), 4.'Slow Rollin', 5.'All The Makin's Of A Saturday Night', 6.'Crackin' Cold Ones With The Boys', 7.'Labels', 8.'Raise Hell', 9.'Back Home', 10.'Dirt Road Nights', 11.'Blue El Camino', 12.'Jack Daniels' Heart', 13.'Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That', 14.'Heat', 15.'Whiskey And Smoke', 16.'Long After Last Call'.


We start with 'Bar Round Here' that gives us some real country boogie woogie which just kicks this latest album off in a rip roaring way and will have you reaching for those dancing shoes... Next up we are hit with 'The Jam', which has a funky start both musically and vocally with Jaren on fine form lyrically and Neil and Kelby providing a pumping beat.

Track three is 'Hard Out Here For A Country Boy' (ft. Chris Janson and Travis Tritt), and is one of the tracks to have been released already and is another full on country rocker done only the way that TC3 can do it. It's a catchy, funky, sing a long masterpiece of country fuzz with a cool harmonica solo.

The next three tracks have all seen the light of day in the public arena, kicking off with 'Slow Rollin', and is another song that instantly screams TC3. A slowed down foot tapping head bobbing tune that just oozes cool. 'All The Makin's Of A Saturday Night' is a track that was released and used during the commercial break in football games and again is made for that instant impact hit. 'Crackin' Cold Ones With The Boys'  was the first track that was released and again this is a happy, fun drinking song that will have you joining in instantly.

'Labels' is a track that has a sound that could have easily been on the previous 'Legacy' album, but I am glad they have released it now on this release.



'Long After Last Call' brings this album to a close,  and is a song that again could have easily been on 'Legacy'. I am glad that it fits into this latest project really well and is a nice and relaxing way to end this excellent latest album from Nashville's finest , The Cadillac Three.


I have loved this band for many years now, but this album is definitely the closest in style to their debut self titled album (Tennessee Mojo in Europe), and I for one applaud this, that Is why I fell in love with this band in the first place.

TFM gives 'Country Fuzz' 5/5, a wonderful collection of modern country/rock/blues or more readily described as country fuzz, that will have your feet tapping and your head bobbing in no time. Play it often and play it loud.