The Cadillac Three

'Tabasco & Sweet Tea'

Now to get a new album from The Cadillac Three is always an exciting experience and one that is looked forward to, sometimes for months leading up to the release.

Now two brand new TC3 albums in the same year is unheard of, but 2020 is no normal year, so why should the band conform to normal standards in the way they use and distribute their creativity? 

So, announcement on a Monday that they will be dropping a brand new album on the Friday called 'Tabasco & Sweet Tea', oh and it's a funk album.


This would certainly have grabbed people's attention, and with no pre-release information before this week, this was to be a bold move by a very talented band who have had a lot of time due to covid to conjure up such an intriguing concoction for our listening pleasure.


'Head Over Wheels' sees the puppets make another appearance with this funky, sultry and sexy attack on the senses with the first mention of a Cadillac. This will be pumping outta many a rolled down window I am sure.

'Sweet Southern Spirit' lifts up the groove with this ultra funky number with more southern references all rolled into another TC3 infused number that needs to be played at 11, certainly no less with its badass bass line.

'Road Soda' is a throwback to the 70's and wouldn't be out of place on a Sly and the Family Stone or Funkadelic album. This is a groove that will have that head bobbing non stop.

'Bridges' is a wonderful play on words with double meanings, and is another that is so well written and put together as there are a lot of words to fit into this track and it works wonderfully well.


'Tabasco & Sweet Tea'is the title track from this new and unexpected release from The Cadillac Three. It lays down the funky groove that is synonymous with this release, and the song gives us a little description of a southern belle. With each song on the album having a lyric video, this one brings the return of the TC3 puppets that first made an appearance a few years ago now.


Great start to an unconventional release by these three long hairs. 

The funk continues with a badass riff before another instant sing a long chorus with 'Stop That Girl' and the lyrics "stop that girl, if you don't want a country boy falling in love".

'Devil's Lettuce' makes no excuses for what this is about, smokin' weed and just chillin'. We follow 'Devil's Lettuce' with 'Crispy', which has the most hypnotic and intoxicating beat. A sweet funky motherfucker that will vibrate your internal organs if you turn it up loud, which you really should do. 

'Money Ain't Shit' has a faster funkier pace with another killer chorus that will have you singing at the top of your lungs "money ain't shit if you ain't got love", before 'Turn The Radio On'. This has the most commercial sound especially in the chorus, until you hear the lyrics of course. It may need a radio edit for this one. Heavier than the rest and again one helluva groove.

'Sabbath On Cornbread' is my favourite at the moment, and brings this wonderfully amazing alternative album to a close with some of the best lyrics that any TC3 fan will agree with I have no doubt, "best damn band in country you'd best believe, you ain't never seen nothin' like The Cadillac Three" Hell yeah.

Make no mistake, you will never have heard The Cadillac Three like this before, but what a wonderful and experimental change for these three Nashville natives, and TFM gives 'Tabasco & Sweet Tea' a funky and full throttled 5/5. Made to listen from start to finish in one go, and is definitely a great way to enjoy this latest release. Makes you wonder what direction the next album will take, and will we know before the release date?