The Damn Truth

'Now Or Nowhere'

'Now Or Nowhere' is the third album by The Damn Truth, a band that, in many ways, has been hiding in plain sight for the last nine years. They've played Europe and crisscrossed the USA and Canada, opened tours for ZZ Top (and partied with Billy Gibbons in his pyjamas), The Sheepdogs, Styx and Rival Sons, sold out the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, sold out the Corona Theatre in their hometown of Montreal, and even had one of their videos featured on the official Janis Joplin Facebook page. It's a lineage of hard work that's come to fruition with 'Now or Nowhere'.

"I realize that people see us as a hard-rock band," singer/guitarist Lee-la Baum says, "and we are, but we're also, deep-down, rock 'n' roll hippies. All those things about being self-reliant, and community, and peace, and love -- well, that's us. That's who we are.”

The Damn Truth are Lee-la Baum (lead vocals/guitar), Tom Shemer (lead guitar/vocals), PY Letellier (bass/vocals) and Dave Traina (drums/vocals). 

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'The Fire' is a track that builds and feels like you are waiting for that spark to ignite which it does throughout, before 'Look Innocent', which is another slower number with a beautiful and soulful sound but with attitude. Another with a huge chorus to join in with. 'Full On You' is a rocker from the start and transports you in a time machine back to the heady days of the 60's and 70's. Just another wonderful track.

Last track on the album is 'Shot 'Em'. It starts off slow and meaningful before erupting like a volcano then back down again. It all works perfectly and keeps you waiting for that tempo change and the big sound that follows. An excellent ending to a totally wonderful album.

This album really is the total package and deserves to be in the running for album of the year, magnificent on all fronts. It is the sort of album that only comes along once in a while and one that will always be in your playlist. 

TFM gives The Damn Truth and 'Now Or Nowhere' a full throttle 10/10, a must have album for now and always. Take my advice and go get this on whatever format suits. THE DAMN TRUTH - Rock n Roll - Official Website - Canada

'This Is Who We Are Now' is a great introduction to this latest release and will be familiar with many who listen to Planet Rock and alike. It has a huge chorus that is just anthemic. This is followed by 'Tomorrow', which is an upbeat and rockin' track with a purpose. It is just a heavy driving tune that rises and falls like a rollercoaster, and is just excellent.

'Only Love' has a more melodic opening with a fabulous sound both musically and vocally before the track just takes off and flies taking you the listener along for the ride, before 'Lonely' which is a blues infused sultry track with a great sound and fits perfectly on the album with its slight change of pace. Intense and electrifying.


'Everything Fades' has a more melancholy feel for this ballad, but still rocks with some exquisite guitar infused with Lee-La's wonderful vocal tones.