The Damned Few

'Black Blooded Woman'

Aaron Garner

The Damned Few is pure rock'n'roll with a twist of garage rock, straight from Overijssel, in The Netherlands.


Their upcoming new EP 'Black Blooded Woman', confirms this once again. The sound of rock, blues and psychedelics from the 60's and 70's, but then add on some steroids...

The Damned Few are Dion Legebeke (vocals), Michiel Jansen (guitar), Jaap Schrijver (bassguitar) and Piero Sestu (drums).

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Track one on the EP, 'Baby Boo', is a heavy, turbocharged, rifftastic example of how new age rock should be done. On a personal level I think they have set an extreme example of how it should be done and how it should always be done, from now on. This is followed by 'Black Blooded Woman', which is still a full on, in your face, garage rock that is filled with amazing riffs and melodies.  Shouting out that they mean business and have the heart and drive to show what excellence they can deliver.

The same for track three, 'Why', and track four, 'Fool' that are also jam packed with full on dirty, nasty rock'n'roll that would suit every rock fan worldwide.

The first four tracks on the EP are absolute smashers, then you get to track five, 'Born to Die'. This track is outstanding! Just like all the others!! It does not disappoint whatsoever. It’s a little slower than the first four tracks than what I would have expected from these guys, but like the first four tracks, you can feel the heart and soul they have written into this track. You can really get the feeling and the absolute emotion that’s gone into everything they have produced.

Did someone say psychedelic filthy dutchness? Oh my god!! It’s as if Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless had a love child... With this absolutely stunning, filthy, grunge, psychedelic blow your balls off, loud, proud and complete middle finger in the air EP.

Aaron Garner (for TFM), gives 'Black Blooded Woman' by The Damned Few a rockin' 10/10.

If you’re a fan of Halestorm and like the attitude of the amazing  Pretty Reckless, then these guys have everything for you, all in one. An absolute banger of an EP, that has been injected with a heavy dose of anabolic steroids, and one I would definitely recommend you check out when released on August 27th.