Kris Barras - 'The Divine And Dirty' - Album Review.

Kris Barras, the former cage fighter turned Blues maestro returns with his latest album, 'The Divine And Dirty', due for release on March 23rd 2018.

It is a collection of eleven tracks that will take you on a rip roaring journey with varying styles all portraying Kris's immense musical talent.

We start with a controlled slower bluesy riff number called 'Kick Me Down' before we are treated to a real anthemic sounding chorus. Great calming introduction to the journey ahead. This is followed by a track currently getting lots of airplay on Planet Rock, 'Hail Mary'. This is a great example of what to expect when you see Kris live, husky vocals and melting guitar riffs.

There is a change to Kris's vocals for this next track, 'I Don't Owe Nobody Nothing'. It has an addictive beat that will have you tapping along before the momentum builds throughout the chorus. Great roots feel to this song. Next up on the album is a more commercial sounding track, 'Propane' which still rolls along nicely.

'Wrong Place Wrong Time' is a boogie woogie belter of a track that is raw and raucous, this is followed by a country blues sounding number called 'Lovers And Losers'.

Back to full on Kris Barras rock'n'roll mode for the next song 'She's More Than Enough' before 'Stitch Me Up' treats us to some wonderful keyboards that compliment Kris's vocals perfectly.

The pace slows down for a beautiful sounding ballad called 'Hold On For Tomorrow' which gives you a momentary rest bite from the full on Kris Barras Band rollercoaster ride.

'Blood On Your Hands' is another more commercial sounding track but still rocks.


Kris Barras Band - Hail Mary (Official Music Video)

Last but not least we have the final track of the album, 'Watching Over Me', which is more of a full on blues number which will ease you down, still with a little attitude, after the thrill ride that is 'The Divine And Dirty'.

Two Finger Media gives 'The Divine And Dirty' a fully deserved 9/10, a great sounding Kris Barras Band album that you really need to add to your collection when released on March 23rd. 

Track List:-

1. 'Kick Me Down'

2. 'Hail Mary'

3. 'I Don't Owe Nobody Nothing'

4. 'Propane'

5. 'Wrong Time Wrong Place'

6. 'Lovers And Losers'

7. 'She's More Than Enough'

8. 'Stitch Me Up'

9. 'Hold On For Tomorrow'

10. 'Blood On Your Hands'

11. 'Watching Over Me'