The Dust Coda

'Mojo Skyline'

The Dust Coda's forthcoming album 'Mojo Skyline' was recorded at Modern World Studios with the multi-platinum, award-winning producer Clint Murphy (Manic Street Preachers, Thunder, Devilskin), and offers a plenitude of tracks that leap across the spectrum of rock'n'roll, containing half a decade's worth of the band's raw soul and innermost demons.

Sleek yet hard-hitting rock'n'roll rooted in blues soul, the band clutches the echoes of the genre’s most beloved household names, from the pure, raw poetry of Led Zeppelin to the nasty muscle of Guns 'N Roses, and bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.


'Dream Alright' slows the pace for this fabulous number. Wonderful vocals that are supported beautifully musically for this exceptional tune. Performed with feeling which comes across through the recording. This is one track that I cannot wait to hear live. 

'Jimmy 2 Times' has a real 70's Soul vibe and is a rocker that you  won't be able to resist moving to. Just a cool and supersonic track.


'Demon' kicks off this much anticipated release and is an upbeat and lively number with a great beat musically mixed with John's distinctive vocals. A great way to start this latest adventure.
Next up is 'Breakdown', which has a more controlled and funky beat and groove. It gives me a Rival Sons vibe, which is in no way a bad thing. Another excellent track.

'Limbo Man' has a heavier overall feel and is a track that drives on at 100 mph, a real fuel injected beast.

'Rolling' has a heavier full on start before a change of pace slows us down beautifully for a wonderful and emotive vocal performance that builds to a huge chorus. Plenty of rises and falls throughout with some wonderful guitar solos mixed in. Next is 'Bourbon Pouring', which is another that is just a wonderful magical track. Beautifully presented.

'I've Been Waiting' is a rocker with real purpose followed by 'She's Gone', which is a timeless sounding rock track that again is just an excellent song. It has a wonderful flow throughout. John's vocals are really on show right the way through.


'Best Believe It' is an adreneline fuelled juggernaut that takes no prisoners, before we finish this release with 'It's A Jam', which is just a cool and energetic finale that leaves you in no doubt that this whole album is something a bit special. There are definitely no filler tracks on this and hopefully will get as much recognition as possible when released on March 26th.


'Mojo Skyline' is a fabulous release and thouroughly deserves a TFM score of 10/10, one release not to be missed.


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