The Gold Needles

'What's Tomorrow Ever Done For You?'

The Gold Needles are releasing their third album entitled 'What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?'.

Recorded during dark times in lockdown, the record features a rockier, harder sound that builds on their modern, yet timeless style of psychedelic power pop.


Over the course of the record, they deal with current issues lyrically & playfully engage the listener with central themes, time and tomorrow.

Their melodious harmonies are a nod to influences such as John Lennon, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, and Asia.


Brimming with hooks and harmonies with nine new original songs plus three covers including The Hollies 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody' and The Beatles 'If I Needed Someone'.

Album cover.jpg

'What's Tomorrow Ever Done For You?' brings us an upbeat and lively opening as the title track. A feel good vibe throughout, followed by 'I Get The Pressure', which has a 70's psychedelic opening style with an 80's sound which carries on throughout and carries you along for the duration.

'Precious Times' is more of a ballad but with a more uptempo beat, before a cover of The Hollies 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody', is another with a vintage vibe from days gone by.

'Dead Man's Hand' has a much more funky bluesy vibe with a well formatted tune that flows beautifully, and up next is 'Billy Liar', which is another timeless track that has an addictive chorus that will have you singing along and tapping those feet in no time at all.

'If I Needed Someone', a cover of The Beatles track from the Rubber Soul album, has a wonderfully light and floaty vibe, and wouldn't have been out of place at Woodstock. It has a fabulous eastern influence and no surprise really as that was a big factor in those years for Fab Four.

'Suzie Is Sorted' is a more intense tune with lyrics that control the mood throughout, before 'Counting The Days' gives us an 80's feel with the synth start and vocally also. Another nice flowing number.
'Story Of My Life' is a rockier track from the off both musically and vocally. A rebellious tone, with another sing a long chorus.

'Realm Of The Black Dog' is a haunting melodic and strong track with a definitive edge, before 'Drown This Sorrow' brings to a close this latest release with a light and relaxing finale. Another track that just has a vibrant nature about it, even if lyrically it is darker.

'What's Tomorrow Ever Done For You?' is an album for now, dealing with a lot of issues that the current climate is responsible for, whilst maintaining a timeless vibe from decades past. They have done a great job of combining the two and TFM gives 'What's Tomorrow Ever Done For You?' a very respectable 8/10, a vibrant and playful look at the world today.