The Magpie Salute

'High Water II' Album Review

Release date October 18th 2019

"When 'High Water I' was released in August 2018 it was the sound of old friends coming together in a union of rock 'n' roll, psychedelic blues, rasping Americana and late-night storytelling. 'High Water II' picks up where the band's studio debut left off, much of the album was written during those early recordings at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, which is why the album feels like a perfect continuation of its predecessor".


'Sooner Or Later' is a fantastic opening track, very Crowesy/Allman Brothers with a psychedelic twist. 'Gimme Something' is up next and keeps the tempo high with a driving drum beat, before again we are taken on a high flying magic carpet ride giving us, the listeners, a wonderful musical experience.

'Leave It All Behind' is another fast paced track with a wonderful feel as the track develops and John Hogg's vocals envelop you. 
'In Here' is a slightly more mid tempo number with a wonderful flow throughout before 'You And I' with its wonderful mix of delta blues and 60's flavours combine to create a wonderful number.

'Mother Storm' is a tune that just builds into a wonderfully big chorus before we calm down again ready for the next lift. 'A Mirror' has an acoustic start which brings us into another wonderfully constructed song, before 'Lost Boy' with its almost Gaelic sounding start gives us a ballad feel throughout the song.

'Turn It Around' has a great uplifting beat and again has a very psychedelic vibe. Just a wonderful tune.

'Life Is A Landslide' has an almost Brit Pop sound from the early 90's, but works wonderfully as a track before we are hit with 'Doesn't Really Matter', a guitar driven monster with vocals to match, full on rock n roll, awesome.

'Where Is This Place' is the final track from the album and finishes it off with an addictive and sultry beat before John's vocals take you on another magical journey.


Well what can I say apart from wow, what an album. If you liked The Magpie Salute before, then you will love them now, this really is an exquisite mix of musical styles and sounds created to bring us the public a wonderfully diverse southern rock masterpiece. When this is released on October 18th, I would definitely recommend you buy it, you will not be disappointed in any way shape or form.
TFM gives 'High Water II' 5/5, a wonderful album by a wonderful band.


Track list:- 1. 'Sooner Or Later', 2. 'Gimme Something', 3. 'Leave It All Behind', 4. 'In Here', 5. 'You And I', 6. 'Mother Storm', 7. 'A Mirror', 8. 'Lost Boy', 9. 'Turn It Around', 10. 'Life Is A Landslide', 11. 'Doesn't Really Matter', 12. 'Where Is This Place'.


Released through PROVOGUE RECORDS