The New Roses at The 1865 in Southampton Live Review.

I already owned a couple of The New Roses albums, so I was already a fan of their classic rock sound when I had the chance for an interview with their frontman.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to do a phone interview with Timmy Rough, the lead singer and frontman for the band, and I decided then that I need to do another video interview when they toured over here in the UK and to shoot their show later in the year.

Move forward a few months and they are on their first full UK headline tour and I was lucky enough again to catch up with the band at The 1865 in Southampton

I started with an interview with Timmy in front of the stage after the soundchecks had finished, and we had a great chat where I also asked some fan questions that had been collected prior to the day.

After the interview it was time to relax and look forward to the show. The Brink were the support band for the rest of the tour, a band I am already familiar with so I was looking forward to see them in action.

As there was only the one support band they got a good forty minutes to perform and were very good. The musicianship was spot on and Tom's vocals are excellent so it all made for a great opening set. They have a debut album being released in 2019 and are well worth keeping an eye out for if they are playing near you.

The Brink are Tom Quick - vocals, Lexi Laine - lead guitar, Izzy Trixx - rhythm guitar, Gaz Connor - bass and Davide Drake Bocci - drums.



I can't remember exactly which song, but at one point Klaus who is their driver came on stage with his hand drum that he keeps in the cab. After being mic'd up he played for a complete song with the rest of the band which was pretty awesome to witness.

Timmy was working the crowd wonderfully and was including them in as much as possible and was turning a potentially disastrous show into one that will live long in the memories of all who attended.

Again the crowd were involved but all too soon it was time for the finale, where they played 'Thirsty'.

Again there was a twist to the finale when the band finished 'Thirsty', instead of ending there, they went straight into their cover of 'Old Time Rock N Roll' by Bob Seger.

Half way through Timmy was talking about the fact that in 25 years people will talk about this gig and say I was there, so he wondered how we could prove that fact. After a few minutes deliberation he told everyone to get on stage for a 'Family Portrait' as he called it before continuing with the song with everyone on stage singing and dancing along. 

That moment will be hard to forget for anyone that was there and just shows what a wonderful and humble band The New Roses are.

The New Roses are Timmy Rough - lead vocals/guitar, Norman Bites - lead guitar, Hardy - bass and Urban Berz - drums. 

Set List:-

1. 'Every Wild Heart'

2. 'Forever Never Comes'

3. 'Dancin' On A Razor Blade'

4. '2nd 1st Time'

5. 'Dead Man's Voice'

6. 'For A While'

7. 'It's A Long Way'

8. 'Whiskey Nightmare'

9. 'Fight You Leaving Me'

10. 'Life Ain't Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)'

11. 'Gimme Your Love'

12. 'Ride With Me'

13. 'One More For The Road'

14. 'Thirsty (& Old Time Rock N Roll)'




I must explain a couple of things, firstly about the venue, which is an excellent music venue with fantastic sound and great lighting. It also has quite a large capacity of around 750 which is a lot for even many well established bands, let alone a band on their first UK headline tour.


I have no doubt that in the near future that The New Roses will be selling out venues like this every time, but for tonight we had no more than 35 people present which created a rather strange atmosphere to start with.

The band came onto the stage a bit after 9pm and straight away had the very foundations rockin' when they started with three songs from their latest album 'One More For The Road' before we are treated to songs from the first two studio albums mixed with the latest. It really was a nice mixture of all three albums and showcased the band's back catalogue beautifully.

The band adjusted their set to work with the small crowd, and during 'Fight You Leaving Me' Timmy and Norman unplugged their acoustic guitars and sat on the edge of the stage and performed a beautiful up close and personal performance of this song. It was a truly special and a never to be forgotten moment of which there would be more to come.