The Nile Deltas - 'Life' EP Review

From The Nile Deltas Bio:- The Nile Deltas are a rock 'n' roll band on their own terms, an unashamed 'song' band with a voice up front drenched in soul.

Soaking up the influences of the bands who inspire them, The Nile Deltas have arrived at their own place - a very British rock band with an American flavour, think early Whitesnake with a feathering of The Black Crowes, Free with a faint aroma of Blackberry Smoke.

Vocalist Craig Blencowe soars over a band that are committed to providing just the platform to allow him to do this; serving the song, yet providing an irresistible no frills, larger than life rock 'n' roll sound.

With two guitarists and a Hammond/Piano player, the band dishes it up old school, with dynamic interplay and an intuitive respect for the song.


Next we have 'Lying Eyes' which is just a funky soulful and addictive musical journey with hints of a 'Whitesnake' feel.

'Dust Me Down' lifts the pace again with a great slide infused intro before again Craig's wonderful vocals hit you full on in the face like a jab over and over from Ali.

Tempo change for 'A Little Soul' which starts with a beat which will have your feet tapping from the start. Again when the vocals kick in along with the masterful musicianship from this top notch bunch of musicians, you are transported into a walk through the history of Soul.... Another wonderful track....

This debut EP finishes with the title track called 'Life'. We are treated to a wonderful Hammond opening alongside some beautifully subtle guitar work before Craig mesmerises us again with a vocal sound that I could listen to everyday, it is that good.

Track list:-

1. 'Don't Play With Me'

2. 'Lying Eyes'

3. 'Dust Me Down'

4. 'A Little Soul'

5. 'Life'

The Nile Deltas are Craig Blencowe - vocals, Nige Thompson - guitar, Tom Lord - guitar, Bruce Hartley - bass, Damon Clarridge - drums, Giles Minkley - Hammond.



Do yourself a favour and buy this as soon as you can, it really is that good, and if you get a chance definitely make an effort to catch these guys live.....

TFM gives 'Life' 5/5

That bio description sums up this band perfectly, and with a frontman that has a voice that is just magical, allows for an unadulterated mix of musical influences that will have you wanting more and more.

Their debut EP 'Life' is released on December 24th 2018 and has five tracks that create a wonderful sounding journey that you take with this musically talented bunch of kindred souls who are also a wonderful live band and one not to be missed.

The EP starts with a track called 'Don't Play With Me'. It has a great guitar opening before the Hammond kicks in, then Craig Blencowe and his wonderful vocals transport you to a musical wonderland where you cannot help but move to this opening belter of a track.