The Outlaw Orchestra - 'The Devil Made Me Do It' EP Review

Photo credit Jamie Percy of Three7evens Photography

I first heard of this band in a previous incarnation when one of the band members contacted me to plug their band and music. When I first listened, it was infectious and musically very good with a strong Hillbilly vibe but with a Southern Rock twist. Only thing letting them down was the vocals which no matter how good the music was just distracted you and I was put off because of it. They were then known as 'The Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra'.

Move on a few months and the tide has changed, and definitely for the better. The original singer has left and the rest of the band have taken up the vocal challenge and it works so much better. Now we have the voice(s) to compliment the music and a name change to just 'The Outlaw Orchestra'.

They are due to release a 3 track ep titled 'The Devil Made Me Do It' soon and it is well worth adding to your collection. It's hard to believe that this Southern sound is generated from darkest Hampshire in the UK, but it is and it sounds great.

The first track really does set the tone of the band with a great banjo intro before the rest of the band come in but it's also there as a constant throughout the song. The chorus raises the level and will have you singing along in no time. The song is called 'See You In Hell'.

Next up we have 'Laughing All The Way To The Gallows' which has a touch of 'Steppenwolf' sound in the intro before you're carried along on a rip roaring journey of a track. Definitely have you moving.

Last track on the ep is a song called 'Back To Georgia' which again has a very infectious sound and fits perfectly with the other two tracks.

They definitely have a 'SOUND' that defines their music, but each track is unique to itself and makes for a great listen.

If you like a good Southern style in your music with a Hillbilly twist then you definitely need to check these guys out. They are performing at a few festivals this year as well as their shows in pubs and clubs throughout the south. Catch them when you can, you're guaranteed a fun night with good music.