The Outlaw Orchestra

'Makin' Tracks'

The Outlaw Orchestra are a  3-piece from Southampton and are bred from twin loves of rock 'n' roll and irreverence. They’re an ‘Orchestra’ because they’re very fine musicians and they’re ‘Outlaw’ because they exude that Saturday night hell raising, foot stomping escapism that you look for in live music entertainment. And entertainers they are.


One radio DJ dubbed their music “Heavy Grass” stating it deserves its own name. Another described their virtuosic technical approach as like a Hillbilly-RUSH. It’s what you might expect if ZZ Top and the Rolling Stones circa 1973 joined forces. It works everywhere from honky tonk bars through to the Grand Ole Opry. Solid soul-thumping percussion backing up a front end of driving slide guitar topped off with a banjo and lap steel. They’re a feast for eyes and ears, delivering home-grown music laced with spirit from every influence of the Deep South… Except it arrives through a veneer of very British humour. What’s not to love?

on the tracks 2 - pic by Two Finger Media .JPEG

'Got It Made' has a very traditional country vibe from the off and continues throughout, before 'Rattlesnake Sour Overproof' is just another down south rocker with a great sound throughout.

'Sea Legs' has a slower haunting start that leads you into this beautiful ballad. Fabulous fiddle provided by Rachel Crick, great sound. Next up is 'There's No Easy Way To Say This', which is just a free flowing heavy grass plethora of slide and southern spirit.

'Blame The Horse' is the penultimate tune and is a long burner with flamenco vibes to kick it off. A story of bad bets and all that  goes with it set to a spaghetti western soundtrack.


'Done My Time' sets the scene for this latest release with a chain gang vibe that you cannot help but clap along with. Wonderful southern feel with some great harmonies from Trish Burke, all go into making this the perfect opening track.
'Red Rag' has a funky start which carries on throughout with storytelling that only Dave can pull off before 'Rollin' Stone', which is another with a great southern vibe and is just addictive. Musically sublime.

'Enough About Me' is just a back porch musical masterclass with great banjo and slide creating a fabulous free flowing number.

Next up is 'Back In The Game' which has the crackles and pops of an old school shanty all about drinking.

'End Of The Line' draws to a close this excellent, southern fuelled release by the guys from The Outlaw Orchestra. This finale will leave you feeling relaxed and chilled after the musical wonderland that you have just walked through with just the right amount of crazy thrown in for good measure.

There are plenty of songs on this album that will no doubt appear in their set list moving forward, and lots for the audience to sing a long with. Dave has a cheeky chappy persona that works perfectly for a front man, and along with multi-instrumentalist Pete, and the bringer of thunder Ryan, they have created a force to be reckoned with but always with a 'Carry On' vibe.


'Makin' Tracks' gets a big fat 10/10 from TFM for entertainment value alone, but along with the musicality and the enigma that is Rocker Dave, this is definitely worthy of that score. Go get yourself some 'Heavy Grass' and pour a drink and just get lost in the journey that is 'Makin' Tracks'....