'The Promise Of A Life'

Sweden’s Reach return with their new album 'The Promise of a Life', and they are challenging their listeners by showcasing the next level of the experimental song writing and 
powerful storytelling that is Reach.

The album features ten new songs, each different from the other but all unmistakably Reach in every way, including cuts like 'Motherland', the epic 'New Frontier', 'Higher Ground' and 'The Law'.


The Swedish trio have focussed on their song-writing in much greater detail than before, with echoes of stadium filling acts such as Muse and Queen running through the seams of each track. 'The Promise of a Life' is an ambitious and bold album, packed with anthemic melodies.

14 - REACH - Reach_still4_02.jpg
Promise album art.png

'New Frontier' is an upbeat and interesting start to this latest album and is a real mix of musical styles and tempo. One to keep you hooked for sure, waiting to see what the next change brings, and the range in Ludvig's voice is immense. There's even a tip of the hat to Zepp in the track. This is almost a whole musical opera in the one tune.

'The Law' is a track that builds with a pumping beat from the off, before exploding into a heavier number, and once again, such an impressive vocal range covering all levels effortlessly whilst still maintaining the groove.

'Young Again' has a wonderful and melodic opening before we are taken on a really warm and uplifting journey with a great vibe. This is followed by 'Satellite', which is a much more mellow and controlled number with a big chorus.

'Motherland' starts off as if the sugar plum fairy has come to town before suddenly we are transported into a 20's jazz infusion circus tent. I guarantee you will be tapping along to this crazy yet highly addictive track. I guess this track on its own shows the diversity of the band and their music.

12 - REACH - Reach_still2_01.jpg

'The Seventh Seal' has a slower start with just vocals and piano before a haunting tune ensues as the band come in. 

'Higher Ground' is another with that circus showman vibe, very catchy and enthralling with another big and rising chorus, before
'Cover My Traces', which builds nicely from a quieter and controlled start focusing on another wonderful vocal performance carrying us along throughout the song.

'The Streets' has a big intro leading us into an absolute rocker with a great sound and energetic beat. This would sound great played on any of the rock radio stations. 'The Promise Of A Life', the title track, closes out this excellent album with another quieter number, controlled and almost hypnotic in nature. All this leads us into a wonderful and huge chorus.


I am getting lots of Scandinavian music sent to me lately and this band and album really have captured my attention. I love the diversity within this album, and I would encourage anyone to check it out. TFM gives 'The Promise Of A Life' a high flying 9/10, an excellent and varied album full of twists to keep you interested throughout.